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Why Long Range Walkie Talkies are Still Being Used

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

There are People Still Using Long Range Walkie Talkies? This is 2018!

Long range walkie talkies have increasingly fell out of favor as they have not caught up with the times. The increasing cost and new features provided by Phone and WhatsApp have shifted some companies away from long range walkie talkies to Phone and WhatsApp. However they do not mean that they are the best tools for the job. We look at some common tools being used now and the associated problems.

Current Communication Problems

Long Range Walkie Talkie​

“I need to carry another device"

“I don’t know if the person is there or out of range”

“Network Walkie talkies are expensive”


“I just want to say something short so I use WhatsApp”

“Takes a lot of effort and attention to type”

“My folks are older and do not type well”


“Take too many calls to get you to pick up”

“All these phone calls costing me more money”

“It’s illegal to use phones when I am driving so I do not pick up”

Since WhatsApp and Phone do not currently provide the best experience for mobile field workers, there must be something more suited for the task at hand.

Smart Walkie Talkie Advantages

Walkie Talkie

Carry one Device: Smartphone + Walkie Talkie Long Range: 99% Outdoor coverage + In-Building, No repeaters required Apps: Reason for smartphones to exist in enterprise


No Typing: Voice is required for communication

Instant: Essential for voice commands

Hands-free: Headset and Accessories integration

Directory: Colleagues already added


Quick Comms: No setup time

Hands-free: No need to touch phone to hear message

Asynchronous: Reply when you are available

A smart walkie talkie combines all three modes of communication above and provide a specialized communication tool for mobile field workers.

In addition, a smart walkie talkie allows companies to also tap into the millions of business apps available that can help increase productivity and profitability.

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