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VoicePing PTT Earpiece USB C - Earbuds with PTT Button and Mic

Updated: Mar 20

Introducing The VoicePing PTT Earpiece USB C - Earpiece with PTT button and Mic (For Teams, Zello, VoicePing and other Walkie Talkie Apps on Android Smartphones)

In a world that thrives on instant communication and seamless connectivity, staying connected on the go is paramount. Whether you're a professional needing constant communication or a casual user, the convenience of a reliable push-to-talk (PTT) earpiece cannot be overstated. Pair this functionality with the modern USB-C connector, and you've got a winning combination for efficient and swift communication.

Importance of Earpieces for Walkie-Talkies:

  • Improved privacy

It is so easy for people to overhear a walkie talkie, so an earpiece is a must have accessory. Furthermore if your workplace involves the general public, earpiece provides  a means of communication that is not disruptive to customers. 

  • Better sound quality

High-quality audio also helps words come through clearer, preventing misunderstandings and miscommunications, especially in loud workplace environments.

  • Hands Free communication

Earpieces allow you to communicate without occupying one of your hands. This makes it much easier to stay productive while communicating with your team. In contrast, using walkie-talkies and other handheld radios means you usually have to stop whatever you’re doing to respond.

Earpieces are crucial for these work sectors:

  • Guards/Security

  • Hotels

  • Retails

  • Casinos

  • Restaurants

  • Drivers

What issues does this earpiece solve from the common 3.5mm jack earpiece? 

  1. Say Goodbye to Toggle mode - Most 3.5mm jack earpiece works in Toggle Mode where you need to press once to record your message, and press it the second time to deliver the message. This earpiece provides you a real PTT experience.

  2. Better audio quality - One common issue that 3.5mm jack has is, after a period of time  they can become easily loose and damaged. The contacts inside the jack can become corroded over time, leading to poor audio quality or connectivity issues. 

USB-C Earpiece VS Bluetooth Earpiece

  1. Compatibility - This USB-C earpieces allows you to use the accessory on any generic Android smartphone that has USB-C port. You do not need to worry about compatibility issues or even need a long setup to start using the earpiece. It is as simple as plug-n-play.

  2. Cost - Not all BT earpiece comes with a PTT button, which may give users an added cost having to buy the accessories separately. Let’s not also ignore that the price for wired earpiece usually costs much less than a regular BT earpiece. 

VoicePing PTT Earpiece Features:

  • USB C - Push To Talk Earpiece with PTT button and USB C connector. Supports most Android Smartphones and Walkie talkie Apps. L-shaped USB C to prevent accidental removal.

  • True Push To Talk - Unlike normal 3.5mm earpieces which works in Toggle mode, this is True Push To talk. Press to Talk, release and it stops. No more accidental jamming or hot mic.

  • Two Wire Design - 1 Meter from USB Type C connector to listening airtube.  One Side Airtube Earpiece, 1x natural color earpiece.

  • PTT button - Reliable & rated for 100,000 presses. Equivalent to 133 presses per work hour. 90 day warranty and replacement.

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