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Talking On Walkie-Talkie

Longer Range and More Channels than Two-Way Walkie Talkies

Nationwide Walkie Talkies


Long Range

Nowhere is too far. Get

nationwide range using

Cellular 4G or WiFi connectivity.


Walkie Talkie

Instant voice group communication just like two-way radios.


All in one

Walkie Talkie, Phone and  Android Apps all in one


Long range

  • Reach further than Two-way radios ever could with Nationwide coverage.

  • Easy to setup without any licensing requirements.

  • Fully private channels without sharing any frequencies

  • Clear voice communication between you and co-workers

Unlike Two-Way Radios working on VHF/UHF, VoicePing is a Data based Walkie Talkie. It works as long as you can connected to the server via internet or intranet. 

Walkie Talkie

  • Instant voice with dedicated Push-To-Talk Button on VoicePing Teams

  • Push-To-Talk works even without turning the screen on.

  • Instantly talk to any individual or group

  • Customize and create as many channels as you want without any limit.

Large Business Communication

Businesses that need large area coverage and unlimited channels have upgraded their communication with our Smart Walkie Talkies.

  • Hotels specifically find value in the ability to manage groups and have unlimited channels.

  • Logistics companies value the GPS tracking feature.

  • Airlines don't have to worry about range or interference.

  • Manufacturing plants value the loudness of our speakers and the uninterrupted communication.

All in one device

  • Walkie Talkie + Business Phone + Business Apps

  • You will never have to worry about carrying too many devices around

  • GPS Tracking for Live and Historical Locaton and Dispatch

  • The VoicePing App runs on Android, iOS, and web desktop making it a perfect fit for the businesses nowadays.

Made for Walkie Talkie

VoicePing Teams is specially designed for the best walkie talkie experience. With a loud speaker that is 3 times louder than normal smartphones, you will be able to hear everyone clearly.


Use dedicated PTT to talk even when the screen is off. With the numeric keypad, you can select channels without looking at the screen. Teams also come with a SOS button to initiate Priority override.

Always Reach Colleagues with Push To Talk

Always Reach Colleagues with Push To Talk

1) 99% Coverage: With 99% outdoor service coverage provided by mobile networks (2G/3G/4G/WiFi), you will always be able to reach workers.


2) Instant: The receiver hears you as you speak. When you finish speaking, the receiver is able to reply. VoicePing Walkie Talkie App works like a two way radio. The ability to conduct instant communication is necessary especially for scenarios like moving goods, guiding vehicles etc where seconds matter.


3) Paging: Need to urgently get hold of someone? Use our paging feature. When you page a user, their phone keeps beeping and vibrating until they reply to you.


4) Visibility: You can see if your colleague is online, whether he has received and heard your message.

GPS Tracking

With Long Range Walkie Talkie, your team can be anywhere in the city or country. See and locate them on a map with per minute tracking on VoicePing Teams.


If you like to see them on a larger screen, you can also login to VoicePing App on Android, iOS smartphones and web desktop browser. 

Made for Work

VoicePing Teams is made for work communication. With a 2.4" screen, Teams can easily fit in your hand. IP54 rating also allows you to use it in light rain. Teams come with a Belt Clip & one replaceable battery. 


VoicePing Teams is bundled with a VoicePing Device license that allows you to use the Walkie Talkie App with no recurring fees. 

Upgrading from Two-Way Radios?

Download our buying guide that compares GMRS, FRS, MURS, PLMRS to Nationwide Walkie Talkies

Other VoicePing compatible PTT Smartphones

AGM: H3, Glory

Blackview: BV6600, BV9900, BV9800, BV5900, BV6000

BlueBird Inc. : RP350 Premium Rugged PTT Handheld, Bluebird EF500, Bluebird EF500R, Bluebird EF400.

Boxchip Co., Ltd: S700 4G/LTE DMR Android radio phone, F30 LTE Android Radio, S88/S88-B LTE DMR Android Radio, F25 4G LTE two-way radio phone.

CATS31,S41, S42, S42H+, S61, S62 Pro

Cyrus: CM17XA Android PTT Smartphone

eCom: Smart-Ex01(Zone1).  To Set PTT button on Smart EX01: Settings > System > Custom Feature > Programmable Keys > PTT > All Key Press & Long Press > VoicePing

Hytera: PNC370 Non-touch device, PNC380 Non-touch device, PNC360S Non-touch device, PNC550 Android PTT Smartphone, VM780 Android Bodycam. 

Inrico: T522A Non-screen device, T199 Non-screen device, S100, S200, S300, T320, TM-9, TM-7Plus, T310, T320, T368

Kyocera: KC-100S     

K-Mobile Technology Co.,LTD: E966P 3G/LTE Android PTT Smartphone, F22 3G/LTE Android PTT Smartphone, F100 4G PTT phone.

LinkSys: LH500 Android PTT Smartphone, LH550 Android PTT Smartphone.

RugGear: RugGear RG310B. RG360, RG530, RG725, RG655, RG650 RugGear RG730, RugGear RG740

Samsung: Xcover Pro, Xcover 5, Xcover 6 Pro To Set PTT button on XCovers: Settings > Advanced Features > XCover Key > Set the app (VoicePing)

Sonim Technologies Inc.: Sonim XP5, XP5s, XP6, XP8, XP9, XP3 Plus

Talkpod: N59A Android PTT Smartphone.   

TeloSystems: TE390 Non-screen device, TE580 Android PTT Smartphone.

Ulefone: Armor 11 5G, Armor 8 Pro, Armor 9, Armor X8

UniStrong: UT10 Android PTT Smartphone , UT30.         

and many more.                   

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