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How VoicePing Works

Watch our video to see how VoicePing works on Android and Desktop Web. Topics Covered - Signing In, Finding Individual users, Sending PTT and Text, Making a new group, Locking to a group, Paging and SOS, Sending Photos, Location Tracking and Reviewing recordings downloaded from VoicePing Dashboard.

VoicePing best experienced of PTT Phones

Dedicated PTT Button | Loudspeakers | Large Batteries | Rugged

VoicePing supports a wide range of Walkie Talkie App Smartphones for your field workers.

From Caterpillar, CAT Phones CAT S42, CAT S62

CAT phones have a Orange key which allows for Push To Talk after switching on PTT mode in the settings.


For Oil & Gas environments where Intrinsically Safe or Explosion Proof is required.

Ecom Smart Ex-02 and Handy-10 have Push To Talk Buttons that are automatically configured


Inrico offers Android Smartphones which looks like Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie.

Push To Talk buttons are automatically configured. Some models have SOS and Channel Buttons and knobs allowing for easy channel selection.