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WhatsApp and WeChat Push to Talk: The Best Message Apps for Android

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

VoicePing Compared to Other Consumer Apps with Voice Messaging Feature

Are WhatsApp and WeChat's Voice Messaging Good Enough for Professional Use?

With consumer applications, such as WhatsApp and WeChat being the most popular mode of quick communication, one common question that comes to mind: How does VoicePing compare against consumer apps, such as Whatsapp and WeChat, that also offer voice recording functions?

After analyzing the consumer chat apps, we have found five benefits that set VoicePing apart from her competitors.

1) Safety and Productivity: The ability to hear messages without touching the phone

In a walkie talkie, messages are auto-played as soon as the sender presses the button. This is done as the receiver is usually in a work environment where it might be unproductive/dangerous for them to keep touching a phone screen.

Having the messages play automatically allows the staff to receive the communication without diverting their attention away from their task at hand. This increases safety as their hands are usually full doing work task like driving or moving goods.

2) Productivity: The ability to hear messages instantly.

Consumer chat apps like WhatsApp and WeChat are actually recordings. This means that the receiver only hears you after you finish the entire recording. This also means the conversation takes twice as long as it should. In a walkie talkie, when you say something, your colleagues hear it instantly within the second.

In the enterprise setting, the ability to conduct faster communication is necessary especially for scenarios like moving goods, guiding vehicles etc where seconds matter. In a work setting, waiting while a person finishes his message is highly unproductive and unsuitable for work purposes.

For a visual demonstration, you can refer to Speed Test 2: VoicePing vs TalkBox on Wifi

3) The ability to use a speakerphone, wired headset/bluetooth headset

Messages can be played automatically via a speakerphone which means the phone can be heard even without the user switching on the screen and while on a belt clip or on a table.

VoicePing can also be paired with a headset (Wired/Surveillance/Bluetooth) to enable discrete voice communications (Transmit/Receive).

4) IT Administrator control and Audit Logs

Enterprise apps require IT Administrator control rights to remove users and trace back audit logs for incident reports. For example, in the event where an employee loses his/her phone, web control can be exercised: The administratorcan change the password of the user on the web console which will log the user out from VoicePing. This can ensure that chat logs are kept safe from others who pick up the phone.

5) Productivity: Having all the contacts on one platform

Consumer chat apps such as Whatsapp would require individual users to add each other's contacts in order for the names of the users to appear instead of the number.

With VoicePing, the contacts of the whole company is in one comprehensive list, all that has to be done for employees is to simply scroll through the list and add the relevant contacts they require or even create groups from there, which reduces time and effort spent for each employee to find out and store contacts individually.

WeChat has a walkie talkie too!

WeChat does indeed have a Walkie Talkie function. But for professional use, the lack of some basic features quickly eliminates it as an option.

  1. One Walkie Talkie Session: This means it will be really difficult if you are the supervisor and trying to coordinate different people and departments.

  2. Messages are lost: Like old walkie talkies, ff you didn’t hear it, you lose it.

  3. Bad Battery Life: WeChat’s Walkie Talkie drains your battery so fast your phone gets hot.

TL;DR: Of course we fixed all these problems with VoicePing. WeChat’s Walkie Talkie is really just for fun. You can’t really be expected to use it for work because it’s limited in terms of what it can do.

This can help enhance adoption and overall productivity amongst the staff body by cutting out this time-consuming process entirely with the help of a centralised contact list.


All in all, smartphone based PTT apps are the up and coming, helping you to make communication better and more efficient. VoicePing ensures that you get the most of out of it by offering you a souped up version of voice messaging app that is enterprise-ready.

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