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Speed Test for the Leading Wifi Walkie Talkie Apps

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Testing and Comparing The Speed of VoicePing, Zello App, Voxer and Talkbox

Speed Comparison Between VoicePing, Zello App, Voxer, and Talkbox

Among its peers, it has recorded the fastest time with regards to sending and receiving messages. A call-setup time test was done in Singapore comparing VoicePing to fellow PTT apps Zello App, Voxer, and Talkbox using supported data networks- Wifi, 3G, and 4G.

Speed Test 1: VoicePing vs Zello App vs Voxer on Wifi

Over a wi-fi connection, It took VoicePing an average of just 0.94 seconds to send and receive a message. The fastest Voxer did was 1.01 seconds, and Zello App was 1.84 seconds.

Zello App - 1.84 seconds

Voxer - 1.16 sec, 1.01 seconds,

VoicePing - 0.94 seconds

Speed Test 2: VoicePing vs Talkbox on Wifi

Still using the same wi-fi network, VoicePing and Talkbox were timed while sending short and long messages. Because Talkbox sends messages asynchronously, there was an obvious delay in transmitting. It needed 2.25 seconds for a short message, while VoicePing clocked a full second faster.

For long messages, it took Talkbox even more time since it doesn’t transmit until the sender stops talking. VoicePing on the other hand, being a live streaming PTT app, played the message simultaneously while the sender was talking!

Talk box: short 1 second message: 2 seconds

Talk box: long message: as long as the message itself.

VoicePing Short Message: 1.25 seconds

VoicePing Long Message: ~1 second setup, instant replay.

Speed Test 3: VoicePing vs Zello App on Singtel 4G

Next, over a 4G network, three speed tests were done each for Zello App and VoicePing. Zello App timed 2.14, 2.36, and 2.03 seconds respectively, while VoicePing did better with 0.89, 1.01 sec, and 0.98 seconds respectively.

Zello App: 2.14 sec, 2.36 sec, 2.03 sec

VoicePing: 0.89 sec, 1.01 sec, 0.98 sec

Speed Test 4: VoicePing vs Zello App on Singtel 3G

Finally, over a 3G network, VoicePing also outdid Zello App by clocking 0.81, 1.31, and 1.01 seconds, besting Zello App’s time of 3.41, 1.98, and 2.23 seconds.

Zello App: 3.41 sec, 1.98 sec, 2.23 sec

VoicePing: 0.81 sec, 1.31 sec, 1.01 sec

Speed Test Results

VoicePing Zello Voxer Talkbox

Wifi 0.94 sec 1.84 sec 1.08 sec Not live PTT

4G 0.96 sec 2.17 sec - -

3G 1.04 sec 2.54 sec - -

*lower is better

The purpose of these tests is not to prove which app is ultimately superior, but rather to answer questions about the different types of walkie-talkie app and their speed of service, and giving us an idea of how PTT technology generally works.

In conclusion, smart devices, especially our phones, are becoming more advanced and even more capable. There is great anticipation about the potential value of utilizing these devices in communication among different user groups via walkie talkie app.

The benefits of PTT communication can extend to a wider community, not just business, through the interoperability of smartphones and PTT apps. What is unchanged is the need to plan appropriately; ensuring business demands are met with the right solution: the right network, the right platform, the right device. So far, VoicePing has shown it has the potential to be the forerunner in PTT apps.

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