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VoicePing vs IDEN based Networks

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

A comparison between a smartphone based PTT app and traditional iDEN PTT

Singapore users looking to switch from iDEN/Walkie Talkie PTT services to a smartphone based system should take into consideration and check out VoicePing, an intuitive smartphone app which aims to replace aging iDEN based networks. VoicePing and Smartphone PTT apps uses 3G/4G LTE networks that have >99% outdoor coverage and more than 98% indoor coverage as audited by IDA.

As technology continues to evolve and migrate dedicated push-to-talk systems in favor of more current cellular systems, VoicePing offers the a good option in terms of speed, versatility, cost and reliability in PTT technology.

Consider the table below:

As the comparison shows, in terms of smarter walkie talkies features- it’s replay value where users can replay recent messages, offline recording (messages recorded offline, to be sent when connection is available), where VoicePing definitely excels over the average iDEN PTT service.

Add to that VoicePing’s reasonable price of just S$7 per user per month with UNLIMITED usage vs being charged for extra usage on top of your monthly bill, the simplicity of predictable cost is something that IT Managers will appreciate.

VoicePing can leverage on existing property Wi-Fi and BYOD data plans which means you can exclude the cost of payments to telecommunications operators and not have to sign expensive contracts with high total cost of ownership.

With smartphone based PTT applications gaining traction not only in the business world, it is wise to consider which among the available providers can give you the most comprehensive service while maintaining the most reasonable price. VoicePing should be on top of every Singaporean’s list.

For a comparison of VoicePing to other smartphone PTT, we have done a write up here too.


  • Receiver Offline Support: Receive the message that is sent to you when you are offline

  • Sender Offline Support: Recording message when offline, resending when connection is available

  • Quick Replay: Replay lastest received voice message

  • Global View: Talk to different contacts in one place

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