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VoicePing vs Zello Walkie Talkie

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

A Comparison of Two Leading Walkie Talkie Apps

Which Walkie Talkie App Serves Your Communication Needs Better?

Gone were the days when workers had to only use traditional walkie talkie systems and radio for communications. Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) technology is available now and it allows users to replicate radio features like instant group communication with a simple button push on a smartphone application.

The smartphone application allows users without radios to access communication features that radio provides including additional features from their smartphones. As long as the user is connected to the internet through a cellular network, WiFi or another bearer – they can communicate through a PTT app on their smartphone.

There are several trusted names in smartphone-based walkie-talkie apps. These apps have many features that provide a great communication experience for their users. That is the main reason why people all over the world use these apps.

We have compared two of the most renowned PTT Apps, our very own VoicePing and Zello, particularly their enterprise version Zello Work, which have additional features compared to the free version.

Feature differences between Zello and VoicePing

Equivalent features shared by both Zello@Work and VoicePing

Top 3 Reasons to choose VoicePing over Zello

Faster Speed: From the above tables, You can see that VoicePing has demonstrated its superiority in speed, ease of use, and multimedia communication over Zello. According to our customers feedback, VoicePing has a faster speed and delivery of voice compared to Zello. It has a more integrated Voice, Text and Picture messaging as well.

More interesting features: VoicePing Enterprise has almost all of Zello Work features and even some which Zello Work does not have like VoicePing Desktop, time stamped photos, pictures auto forwarding feature and many more.

Cheaper Cost: While VoicePing Enterprise has almost all of Zello Work features, the cost of VoicePing Enterprise is almost cheaper than Zello Work by 2 times and yet remains competitive with Zello in the availability of different features.

If VoicePing Enterprise can serve your communication needs and yet is cheaper than Zello Work, VoicePing Enterprise is definitely a more worthwhile option.

Would you want us to set up VoicePing Enterprise Free Trial accounts for you?

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