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Send Text via Web Browser to VoicePing users

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Easily copy and paste text to your walkie talkie users whom will hear the text read out of them

Customers on Enterprise plans can now give their telephone operator, dispatchers or managers in the office, the ability to send text via desktop web. This is a web based service so there is no installation of any program required. You just need a Chrome/Safari/Edge browser.

Web Texting helps in faster communication as information can flow faster from the people in the office to those in the field. For example you can

Type much faster on a desktop keyboard compared to a mobile screen

Copy and paste information from email, ERP systems or whatever workflow systems you have to your co-workers out in the field.

When using web texting, you will using the same account as the VoicePing on your phone. Therefore all voice replies will go to your talkie. In this way, you can choose which method (Typing or Talking) suits you at the moment. Stepping away from the computer also means you can continue receiving communication on your mobile.

In addition to text, there are also quick buttons to choose how or what the receiver will get

  1. Sending Text that is read out loud

  2. Sending Text that is not read out

  3. Sending SOS to groups (link to SOS Article)

  4. Sending Page to private (link to paging Article)

Requirements for using Web Texting

  • Your company must be on the enterprise plan

  • Your user account needs to have the company admin role

  • Chrome/Edge/Safari Browser

How to use

  1. If you get an error, check with your administrator that you have a company admin role

  2. Once logged in, click on Web Texting

  3. On the left, search for a user you want to text

  4. Type your text and click send.

  5. The user should then receive your text. He will hear it read out unless you send it as a Muted text.

Web texting is a Enterprise feature. Other Enterprise features include Stored Recordings and ability to control users. Please live chat with us or send us an email if you want to have a 14 day trial for VoicePing enterprise.

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