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VoicePing New Version Brings UI Improvements for an Easier Use

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

What's New on VoicePing Latest Version

VoicePing v2.6 Newest Features and Updates

VoicePing continues to bring you updates in Instant Field Communication and enables you to work more productively.

Volume Toggle: To increase or decrease the Volume of your Smart Walkie Talkie, simply tap the red icon (Volume icon) on the VoicePing screen to select a profile:

  • Ear:

Volume will be set to the ear speaker. This is the front speaker you typically use for phone calls. (You can use this profile while at indoors or when you do not want to be disturbed).

  • Half:

Volume will be set to medium volume of your device's loudspeaker. (You can use this profile while at indoor or outdoor area with a bit of noise).

  • Max:

Volume will be set to maximum. (You can use this profile to set the volume to the maximum of your device’s loudspeaker.).

Display Picture: If your co-worker has not uploaded a Display Picture, the system will automatically create a Display Picture with the first 3 letters of the Display Name and assign a color. This will make it easier for you to identify them with a quick glance of the screen.

Auto Forward Picture: You can automatically forward a picture received to your email address. This will enable you to store pictures for a long time. You can also forward pictures via email to non-VoicePing users.

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