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VoicePing New Updates Enable Picture Messaging and Paging

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Page a User, Send Pictures and See If You Have Any Missed Messages.

VoicePing New Features Bring a New Walkie Talkie App Experience

VoicePing continues to bring you updates in Instant Field Communication and enables you to work more productively.

Page a user: Need to urgently get hold of someone? Use our paging feature. When you page a user, their phone keeps beeping and vibrating until they reply to you. Send a page to a user by sending a "*" as a text message.

Send Pictures: Smartphone cameras are great enabler of field work. A picture tells a thousand words. With pictures, office co-workers can instantly see what is going on in the field and collaborate with field co-workers to diagnose and resolve problems faster.

Recent: This shows you who just messaged you so you can quickly see if you missed any messages and reply to the last incoming message.

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