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VoicePing FAQ & User/Admin Guide

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

FAQ and Useful Guide for All VoicePing Users

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use VoicePing?

A: You can refer to the user guide here in this post.

Q: I forgot my password/username.

A: You can reset it at with your email. If no email was used for your account, please create another VoicePing account or company domain.

Q: How do I create my own channel?

A: For VoicePing trial account, only 1 channel is available to be used. You can upgrade to Enterprise VoicePing version by purchasing a VoicePing Enterprise License at to create your own channel. We will assist you with the account and channel creation after payment is made.

Q: What is the difference between Free and Enterprise VoicePing version?


Free Version:

Allows you to use only 1 Group up to 5 users.

The first group has a user limit of 5 that can use the team communication app.

No user control, anyone can enter your company.

Enterprise Version:

Unlimited Groups- Create unlimited groups and users.

Private Domain- We do not allow anybody to join your domain other than your co-workers.

Admin Portal- Allows the administrator to Add, Manage & Remove users.

Web Desktop- Give your telephone operator, dispatchers or managers in the office, the ability to send text via desktop web.

VP Recordings- Download all messages within a specified time from the Server via the Admin Dashboard.

Bluetooth Support- Bluetooth PTT Headsets are supported & compatible on the VoicePing Enterprise App

API Access- Access to our API if you need to integrate it with your systems. (Use Cases)

Support- We provide technical support via phone & email during Business Days/Hours.

SLA- We provide a 99.95% Service Level Agreement to ensure no down time for your business. (Read) Private Server- We offer On-Premise Deployments if you have your own data center. We also offer a Intranet Appliance that is easy to setup and works without Internet.

Q: What’s the difference of public vs private channels?

A: For public channel, anyone can enter your company and listen to your messages and texts which might be confidential. For private channel, nobody is allowed to join your domain other than your co-workers so everything will be private.

Q: What is the encryption algorithm or security protocol for VoicePing?

A: AES 256

Q: How do I upgrade VoicePing to Enterprise version or buy a VoicePing license?

A: You can upgrade to the Enterprise VoicePing version by purchasing a VoicePing Enterprise License at We will assist you with your Enterprise account after the payment is made.

Q: Do you sell devices/hardware which I can use VoicePing with?

A: You can look at T320 and CAT S31 devices at where you can purchase devices with lifetime VoicePing license.

Q: What is VoicePing?

A: VoicePing is a Smart Walkie-Talkie service that is available for a crossed platform Android and iOS to support communication for all field and office workers. VoicePing is an All-In-One Enterprise Walkie Talkie. It enables seamless communication between your office and field workers. 99% Coverage: With 99% outdoor service coverage provided by data networks (2G/3G/4G/WiFi), you will always be able to reach workers from your office.


For other FAQ questions: please refer to our support community

Download VoicePing User and Admin Guide Here!

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