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VoicePing Desktop Version

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Quick Start Guide - How to login to VoicePing using Web browser

VoicePing on Multiple platforms allows you to use it for everyone in a company

VoicePing enables seamless communication between your office and field workers. VoicePing is available on multiple platforms. On this page, we will guide you for login and usage of VoicePing on Desktop. For full list of features please visit:

VoicePing on Desktop is Web browser based and does not require any software installation or IT permission because it runs completely in a browser. You can access it via and login via your Enterprise Account.


Before you start, to ensure a smooth process, please make sure

1) Windows 7 or higher (64-bit version)

2) Chrome or Firefox browser

3) Microphone available on your computer

4) Speaker available on your computer

5) A VoicePing Account for Login

Login and PTT

1. Open The S in HTTPS is IMPORTANT. Please allow the permission for Microphone when prompted.

2. Enter your username and password to login. If you are re-using an account which is currently logged in to a Android or iOS app, the app will be logged out.

3. Once you are logged in, you can Find contacts to PTT to. Tap on the Search icon or press “CTRL” & “~”.

4. Select Contacts. This can be a Group Channel. If you are looking for Private, please tap on the User Tab.

5. Tap on whom you want to talk to

6. You are now presented with the PTT Interface. You can PTT by Pressing the record button or Press CTRL + ~

If you would like to request for a trial account, please fill the in form here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are also some simple keyboard shortcuts that allow you to take advantage of the keyboard and do your work faster.

  1. Hold ~ to PTT

  2. Press CTRL + ~ to enter the contacts search

  3. When typing a text, press Enter to send the text

  4. When typing a text, press Shift + Enter to go to the next line.

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