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VoicePing Desktop Version

VoicePing, The All-In-One Enterprise Walkie Talkie, is Finally Available in Desktop

VoicePing is an All-in-One Enterprise Walkie Talkie

VoicePing enables seamless communication between your office and field workers.
99% Coverage: With 99% outdoor service coverage provided by data networks (2G/3G/4G/WiFi), you will always be able to reach workers from your office.
So, is it possible to install and use VoicePing on PC?
Absolutely. You can install and use VoicePing on PC.

The information below is OUT DATED. Please go to this link instead

How to get it working on your PC desktop?
There are simple steps to get your VoicePing work perfectly in desktop PC


Before you start, to ensure a smooth process, please make sure

1) Windows 7 or higher (64-bit version)

2) Administrator rights to install and to run

3) Microphone available

4) Speaker available

Install VoicePing on PC

In this post will show you how to install VoicePing on PC.

Install VoicePing on Desktop

Installing The Required App

1. Download Leapdroid from this link.

2. When the download is finished, double-click on the file and run the setup. Click “Agree” on the license agreement.

Install VoicePing on Desktop

3. Keep everything at default setting and click the “Start Installation” Button

Install LeapDroid on Desktop

4. Once LeapDroid is installed, download the VoicePing Apk from here.

5. Drag and Drop the downloaded APK file into LeapDroid.

Install LeapDroid on Desktop

6. Click “Next” Button, then proceed to click “Install” button.

Install VoicePing on Desktop

7. When VoicePing is installed, click the “Menu” button to find the VoicePing App in the Apps Menu.

Install VoicePing on Desktop

8. Click VoicePing to run the app.

Install VoicePing on Desktop


1. Click “Enter Work Email”Add paragraph text here.

Install VoicePing on Desktop

2. Input Work Email to sign up a new account, or press “I already have an account” if you have an account.

Install VoicePing on Desktop

3. Please make sure you read and input the correct email when register

Install VoicePing on Desktop

Sending Messages

To sent a voice message,
Press the Recording button and start talking to your mic

Install VoicePing on Desktop

To sent a Text message,
Press the text chat and start typing to your keyboard then press the arrow button at the right to sent the text message

Install VoicePing on Desktop
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