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The Fastest Way to Use Push to Talk Apps

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Control Push to Talk Apps like Zello and VoicePing directly from Lock Screen.

Use Your Push to Talk Apps Directly from The Home Screen

Since the time Walkie Talkie Apps came into existence, we at Smart Walkie have been improving its features & functionalities based on market requirements.

We have released our latest application, Fast Talkie which allows Zello & VoicePing users to start a Push-to-Talk from their lock screen.

Unlocking the device and having to look at the screen every time to send a message is not only inconvenient but also difficult while on the go. With Fast Talkie, Zello & VoicePing users can quickly reply to other peoples messages.

How It Works

Activate Fast Talkie

While the device is in sleep mode, you need to push the power button to activate Fast Talkie.

PTT Button

Press the Volume Down button to send a push-to-talk message. While holding the volume down button speak your message, once done with your message release the button and the message will be sent.

Change Channels (VoicePing Only)

Push the Volume Up button to change channels. While pressing the volume up button, the channel names will be read out loud which helps you to select the right contact. (This feature is available on VoicePing. Try VoicePing with Fast Talkie)

Why Fast Talkie?

Quick & Efficient

Due to the ease of ​communication while using Fast Talkie, you can focus & perform your day to day activities without having communication as an issue. This would increase your day to day work productivity & efficiency.

You can be quick & efficient everyday while

On-the-go (Talk & Walk)


Saves Time

Fast Talkie saves your time and helps you to be efficient while communicating with your coworkers. You don’t have to go through the below 5 steps to send a message while looking at the the phone screen, such as,

  • Unlock Sleep Mode

  • Unlock Screen

  • Open the App (If it isn’t open)

  • Choose the contact

  • Send a message.

With Fast Talkie it’s straightforward, all you have to do is

  • Push the power button to activate Fast Talkie

  • Push the volume up button to select channels (VoicePing Only)

  • Push the volume down buttons to send a PTT message.

All of this can be done without looking at the phone screen.

Fast Talkie for Zello Video (site crashing)

Fast Talkie for VoicePing Video

Fast Talkie Download

Fast Talkie is now available for download on the Google Play. Download Now

Fast Talkie Setup

Once you Download & Install Fast Talkie, Open the App to complete the setup process mentioned below

  • Enable Draw Over Other Apps

  • Activate Device Admin

  • FT Service - (Enable)

Choose PTT App

Zello (Intent)

If you are Zello user, Select Zello Intent > Lock Screen Now > Try Fast Talkie

Zello (Media)

If Fast Talkie doesn't work with Zello (Intent), Select Zello (Media) & follow the Setup

Instructions (below).

Zello Media Setup Instructions (See Above Video)

  • Open Zello App

  • Go to Options

  • Select Push-to-Talk Buttons

  • Plug in Headset ( 1 or 3 Button)

  • Select Add Button

  • Press Media Button on Headset, Headset Hook is setup

  • Go to Zello Contacts > Select user, you want to talk.

  • Go to Fast Talkie App & Press LOCK SCREEN NOW

  • Press Volume Down Button on device to send PTT Message


If you are VoicePing user, Select the VoicePing PTT box > Lock Screen Now > Try Fast Talkie

VoicePing App Settings (Optional)

Boost Recorder - Increase Boost Value

Choose Headset

Wired/Bluetooth Headset (1 Button)

1 Button Headsets allows users to send PTT Messages via Toggle Mode.

Eg - Press Media button to Start Message. Press Again to End Message.

SW3 PTT Headset (3-Button ) - VoicePing Only

SW3 PTT Headset allows you to change channels & send PTT messages from the lock screen.

Eg - Press Volume Up - Change Channels & Hold Volume Down - PTT Message

For More Information

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