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Quickly send SOS, Get notified on every PTT, Group Leave/Muting

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Get help in emergencies, hear a tone and vibrate on every incoming PTT and choose to leave or just mute a group.

Default SOS Channel - Automatically send a SOS to a pre-selected channel via PTT button

In urgent situations, the ability to quickly send an SOS is a valuable function. VoicePing 2.8.4 Android now allows you to pre-select a Group Channel as your default SOS channel. This means that if you quickly press your PTT button 5 times, a SOS is automatically sent in that channel. You do not have to manually switch to this channel.

You can activate default SOS by quickly pressing your PTT button 5 times or use the dedicated SOS buttons on Made-For-PTT Phones. To prevent accidental presses, a three second warning is given. During this three second warning period, you can cancel the SOS by press the PTT button.

Once you SOS is sent, a 15 seconds recording is also started. You do not have to continuously press the PTT button. This allows the receiver to hear what is happening when you press the PTT button.

When your co-workers receive an SOS, their channel is immediately switch to the SOS channel and they can hear and coordinate a response to you quickly.

Mute Group so you can replay messages or Leave Groups to save on Battery.

We are re-introducing mute groups. For groups, you can now choose to leave or mute a group. The key difference is whether you will be able to replay the messages later. If you leave the group, no messages will be delivered to you and you can save on battery usage. If you mute the group, messages will still be delivered to you. Muted messages will be unplayed and shown with a blue outline triangle.

New settings allow you to enable Beep on Every message

If you are in a noisy environment and want to know when someone is trying to reach you, you can now turn on “Beep on Every message”. For best effect, also change the Tone Volume to 4 and choose a Loud tone.

New settings allow you to choose when text is read out

Our users appreciate the Read Text function when they are driving. However some users would like to have more privacy. You can now choose if text is read on “Always”, “Headset only” or “Never”.

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