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Improved Safety, Battery & Photo Evidence

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Version 2.8.3 on Android - Dark Mode, Group Join/Leave & Timestamped Photos

VoicePing continues to bring you enhancements in Instant Field Communication and enables you to work more productively.

Dark Mode - Safer Driving

We understand that there are workers and drivers who use VoicePing for walkie talkie communication at night. The light emitted from their smartphones or walkie talkie devices might be dangerous especially when driving at night.

We have included dark mode in VoicePing. This is especially useful for drivers driving at night and will reduce accidents because there is lesser chance of dry and tired eyes now due to lesser light emitting from your device.

So now you will be able to increase your device battery life up to 50% at least. It is more comfortable on the eyes especially if you use it during the night.

You can protect your eyes better and reduce accidents while driving at night. On AMOLED smartphones, Dark Mode also saves battery when the screen is switched on.

Leave Groups - Better Battery

If you have access to multiple groups but is mostly on a main channel, yyou can now leave other group channels. We have made an additional feature for that so users are now able to join and leave the group channel as and when it is needed and they will not receive any messages from the group if they leave the group.

Battery is saved as you do not receive messages from left groups. Left groups are indicated by the muted icon.

The muted icons at the top of the group circles meant that you have left the group channel. You can easily join back a group by selecting a group and sending a PTT.

Timestamps on Photos

Some users have to take pictures using their device as part of their workflow. We understand that some managers and administrators need to verify the timing and the location of the pictures being taken by their users so as to monitor and tabulate the data for their job and admin purposes.An example is a cleaning company, the workers have to take pictures to prove that they have cleaned the assigned areas with the completed timing. They are needed to send the pictures, location and the completed timing to their managers for reporting purposes.

Thus, every image taken inside the VoicePing walkie talkie App now will carry timestamps and location information. You can complement it with our auto-forwarding of picture feature so every picture that your user sent to you, it will be sent automatically to your assigned email as well.


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