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How to use Fast Talkie with Zello

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Even though Walkie Talkie Apps have changed how staff communicate with each other during work, there were many areas of improvement to make communication more easy & efficient.

Over the last year we have developed a faster way to communicate using Push-to-Talk Apps such as Zello & VoicePing.

We have released the Fast Talkie App that would enhance your Push-to-Talk Communication experience.

What is Fast Talkie

Fast Talkie allows Zello users to send Push-to-talk messages with a locked device screen.

Why Fast Talkie

Effective & Efficient

Effortless Communication increases productivity and efficiency. A good response time is crucial for effective communication. With Fast Talkie staff can communication & respond to each other more effectively and efficiently

Saves Time

The amount times do you have to unlock your device screen and open the app to send a PTT message is numerous. With Fast Talkie sending a Push-to-Talk message can be performed by pressing couple button which saves you from the hassle of unlocking your device over & over again.


Looking a your device screen while multi-tasking can not only distract you at your task at hand, but it can also dangerous if you driving etc. Fast Talkie allows you to send messages without looking at the device screen.

How it Works

Activate Fast Talkie

When the device is in sleep mode, Press the Power Button on the device to Activate Fast Talkie.

PTT Button​

Once Fast Talkie is Activated, Press the Volume Down Button to Send a PTT Message

Change Channels (VoicePing Only)

Press the Volume up button to toggle between channels. (This feature is available on VoicePing. (Try VoicePing with Fast Talkie)

How to Setup Fast Talkie on Zello


Fast Talkie App Setup

Once you Download & Install Fast Talkie, Open the App to complete the setup process mentioned below

  • FTT Service (Enable)

  • Draw Over Other Apps (Enable)

  • Device admin (Enable)

  • FT Support- Zello (Enable)

Zello App Setup

  • Open Zello App

  • Setup PTT Button

  • Go to Options > Push-to-talk Buttons > Add Button >Hold the Volume Down button > PTT button set on Zello.

Why Fast Talkie with VoicePing PTT is better?

Change Channels with Locked Screen

Fast Talkie with VoicePing PTT allows you to Change Channels with a device locked screen. So this enables you to change channels & send messages without using your phone.

Fast Talkie - Version 2 (VoicePing Integrations)

Fast Talkie with VoicePing will have multiple features in the next Fast Talkie Release.

  • Replay Message (Double Tap - Volume up)

  • Previous Channel (Long Press - Volume up)

  • Incoming Message (Screen Lights up)

Try VoicePing PTT App

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