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Hotel Communication Systems

An Overview of Popular Hotel Communication Systems

How Different Hotel Communication Systems Address Hotels' Specific Communication Needs

Each industry has its own specific needs with regards to its internal communication. For the hospitality industry, the nature of the jobs requires a pretty demanding communication between the workers to get the work done. With fast-paced work and most of the staffs are on the field, hotels need a communication tool that works well inside and outside the building, is flexible to carry around, easy to operate with occupied hands, and connects both on-field and in-office staffs seamlessly.

With such specific requirements for its internal communication, hotels need a particular communication tool to cover them. There are quite some choices of communication tools in the market that are either specifically built for the hospitality industry or very relevant to it. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Two-Way Radio or Radio Walkie-Talkie - Hotel Communication System
  • Two-Way Radio or also Known as Radio Walkie-Talkie

The two-way radio has been used in the hospitality industry for quite some time and is still the most popular communication tool used by hotel professionals by far. It is liked for its fast and easiness to start a communication and although it’s not preferred for its lack of functionality, many of its users are still hesitant about switching to another communication system.

The radio walkie-talkie is also praised for its network connection reliability. Despite not having as good coverage as ​the cellular network, it doesn’t really affect its performance for use in limited coverage like in hotels.

  • Hotel Service Optimization System

A hotel service optimization system is an app that offers a complete package of communication for hotels. It connects the guests with the hotel, but not only that, it also works as the communication tool between the hotel’s staffs. With this app, the front office can assign tasks to the housekeeping or maintenance staffs, thus making the communication streamlined and more effective.

This solution is preferred by many hotels because:

➤  It connects the guests with the hotel and improves the guests’ experience at the hotel.

➤  It is mobile device-based, which means the hotel staffs won’t need additional devices. They can use the app on their smartphones or tablets.

➤  It has many integrations with various mobile applications that make the performance easier and better.

  • DECT Phones
DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. It is actually a cordless device that works on PSTN or landline phone line. This is a practical solution for people who want to use landline while roaming around. The range itself varies depending on the device, with the typical around 300 meters, with the most expensive usually has the best range. However, the actual range in practice depends on many factors, such as obstacle, climate, and radio interference. Additionally, DECT Phones can be used as an ​intercom, which is another useful feature of DECT Phones for internal communication inside a building.
  • Complete Hotel Communication Solutions

There are many companies that sell a complete communication solution specifically for hotel needs. Such solution has various products in its portfolio, which all of them are suitable for use in hotels. The products’ range is as below:

➤  A modular communications server to handle high call volumes.

➤ Desk Phones, ranges from the regular landline phone up to the premium one that has a multipurpose terminal with integrated IP functions.

➤  DECT Handsets, which is cordless/wireless landline phones.

➤  Network infrastructure, that enables voice and data communications.

➤  IP Desktop Softphone, a telephony application for voice communications on employee’s mobile devices.

Desk Phone - Hotel Communication System
  • Mobile Device-Based Walkie Talkie or More Familiar as Walkie-Talkie App

A walkie talkie app is an app that enables you to use your smartphones as a walkie-talkie. The main feature it offers is similar to the radio walkie talkie, which is PTT or Push-to-Talk communication. So, with this app, you will have a radio walkie-talkie function that has great cellular network coverage, works on Wi-Fi, can be used together with many other mobile applications, with various device designs available to choose.

All hotels that use walkie-talkie apps as their internal communication tool say the most benefit they get is practicality since the staffs only need to carry one device while working. Another thing they feel benefited is related to the device’s physical design, as they can choose whatever smartphone models they want. This is quite vital since, in the hospitality industry, hotel’s staffs are the representation of the hotel’s image in front of the guests.

Today, there are many walkie-talkie apps available in the market where each of them has its primary features. However, when it comes to using it for fast communication like in a hotel, speed, flexibility, and ease-of-use are the most desirable features. Compared to the other prominent walkie talkie apps in the market today, VoicePing has proven to be the most reliable speed-wise. It is also praised for its flexibility for both group and individual communication. In addition to that, VoicePing's UI is clean and simple, thus making a better user experience.

With the many communication solutions available in the market for the hospitality industry, it doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities for a new form of communication solution in the future. In fact, with the rapid development of networks and mobile technology, there is a huge opportunity for innovation in this particular field.

It means the hospitality industry will potentially have many more communication solution options in the future. Having said that, the most important thing would be choosing the one that covers the needs, simplifies things, thus increases efficiency and productivity. At the end of the day, it is that matters.

You can download our Communication in The Hospitality Industry White Paper here for an in-depth review of the best communication solution for hotels. 

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