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Bluetooth PTT Walkie Talkie App: For Two Ways Radio Like Experience with Your Device

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Enable professional Walkie Talkie performance on your Tablet/Smartphone

PTT Wireless Speaker Microphone for Two Ways Radio Experience with Your Device

For companies whom workers already have tablets/smartphones, Bluetooth PTT is an addition to enable a great field communication experience.

Field workers appreciate the instant voice communication and the group broadcast ability critical for working in a team.

Adding a Bluetooth PTT gives your workers several advantages compared to just using your smartphone and makes Instant Voice experience usable for professionals.

1) Hear with Loud and Clear Speaker

With a consumer smartphone, you will be straining to hear conversations. You might even miss messages and people trying to reach you. Most smartphones have less than 0.5 Watt speakers and have back facing speakers as they are not meant to be a walkie talkie.

With a Bluetooth PTT, you will be able to hear a conversation even in noisy environment like manufacturing, construction or logistics.

2) Respond with Easy PTT button

With Bluetooth walkie talkie apps on consumer smartphones, you need to open the app before you can respond or start a conversation. This increases the time taken to respond and you need to ensure the screen stays on when you are having a conversation.

When you add Bluetooth PTT, you can simply press the dedicated PTT button and you are instantly connected. You don't even have to touch your phone or worry about what app is currently active.

Without the need to touch your phone for PTT, you also protect your fragile smartphones from drops and water damage.

3) Wearable and Accessible

As smartphones get larger screens or if you are using a tablet, they become unwieldy to hold or even to put into your pocket. Although large screens allow field workers to view drawings and edit electronic documents, they are not the best form factor for PTT.

PTT requires a form factor that fits in your hands. With Bluetooth PTT, you get the instant voice/walkie talkie experiences that field workers in a small and wireless package that you attach Bluetooth PTT to your shirt or belt clip.

This enhances the ease of PTT and even complies with Hands-free rules for drivers.

4) Save Cost

Bluetooth PTT makes financial sense when your workers already have smartphones or you have a mobile plan re-imbursement for your employees. By leveraging on their smartphones, you do not have to buy extra hardware to enable the walkie talkie experience.

Special Offer for VoicePing Users

We have specially intergrated various VoicePing functions to work with Bluetooth PTT

1) PTT button works to start and stop PTT even when phone is in screen-off mode

2) Change channel without looking at phone: Hear Channel names as you use the next & previous channel buttons

3) Auto Reconnect to Bluetooth PTT when you walk away from your phone and back.

As a special offer for this month, you can get a Bluetooth PTT and the accompanying 12 months VoicePing Enterprise Subscription at $119. (UP: $200 USD)

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