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AppLock - Privacy for Mobile Apps

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

What is App Lock?

App Lock is a Privacy App which allows users to lock apps which prevent apps from being misused by unauthorized personnel.

Apps on your device that have personal or business information can be locked to block anyone from accessing them without your permission.

Setup Guide

Commonly Locked Apps

Communication Apps

Communication apps allow you to make calls & and send messages are locked because contacts & communication history can be misused by unauthorized personnel.

Data Storage Apps

Storage Management Apps such as Google Drive, DropBox etc are locked to secure important files, documents.

Google Play Store

Locking Google play makes it difficult for anyone to download new apps to your device without your consent.

Phone Settings

Locking settings avoid unauthorized users to make any changes that would alter your phone’s functions as set by you.

Phone Calls

Locking the phone dial pad & contacts blocks anyone trying to make calls or trying to steal personal contacts from your device.

Recommended Settings for AppLock

Depending upon your usage & requirements, You can customize your AppLock Settings.

Account Types

  • Basic (Free)

  • AD

  • Premium (Paid)

Basic Lock

Advanced Protection

Power Saving Mode

Relock Policy

Limitations of AppLock compared to Talkie Lock

Privacy Apps like Applock are mainly built for individuals and not for businesses. For businesses who are looking to monitor and manage users apps and devices, they need to try Device Management solutions such as Talkie Lock.

Listed below are the main limitation of App lock:

Device Lockdown

AppLock locks individual apps but not the whole device. Talkie Lock lockdowns the entire device which is then controlled by the Admin Dashboard.

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