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VoicePing 2.9 for quicker calls and updates

Call through your browser, see when others are online and make updates from your dashboard

Voice and video calling for Android and web

Voice and video calls can now be done through the web browser! Your office staff will be able to make calls straight from their computers. They won’t need their phones to communicate with field staff so they can focus on one device at a time.

Presence Indicator when making individual calls

You can check when other users are online, idle or offline through the presence indicators. A small circle will appear right beside the user’s avatar when you open the chat with him/her. Its color will indicate his/her status.

Green - This person was recently seen

Orange - This person has not been seen for a while

Gray - This person has not been seen for long time

Update the VoicePing app through the Dashboard

Users will be able to check for app updates after they sync their contacts. If an update is needed, you will get a notification. You can choose the option “Update” to do it right away or “Not Now” to do it another time.

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