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Broadcast Group - Listen only Groups for Users

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We have recently added a new feature to our VoicePing application called, Broadcast Group. This feature can be particularly helpful for Team Leaders or Supervisors who might need to send urgent messages or even announce an emergency to specific people in a group.

As an admin, you will be able to choose users who will have the Broadcast role. In this case, we have named our channel as#Broadcaster-test and added 4 users in the channel.

On the far right of the screen, as an admin you will get to check or uncheck the Broadcaster checkbox role of whomever you have added in your channel. Once you have successfully chosen your Broadcasters, they should be able to send text and even voice messages in the group.

For non-broadcaster users, they will only be able to read the broadcaster's messages or listen to the voice message. The send text/voice messages for normal users is set to disabled by default. These users are usually your field workers, most likely they will be on their devices.

Below are the screenshots of how an Android user (on the right), not able to perform the tasks when they are not selected as a Broadcaster in the channel.

The message “Require Broadcaster for this channel” will appear when they try to send a PTT. Other features such as Send Video, Attach Picture, SOS, Locate Members are also disabled for non-broadcasters in the channel.

Another interesting feature is the SOS button paired with a Broadcast group. Non broadcasters who happen to be active in a different channel, will be switched into the channel when an SOS is sent by the Broadcaster in that particular channel.

This is extremely helpful for team managers, supervisors to send important information or report an emergency or even announce news to a group. The listeners can hear but they cannot talk. To talk, they can go back to the other channel that they use.

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