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VoicePing Desktop Web PTT

Access to Push-To-Talk to any VoicePing Account.

VoicePing has developed a Web Based version that does not require any software installation or IT permission because it runs completely in a browser. You can access it via and login via your Enterprise Account.

Web Based PTT App Capabilities

Our web based version can do the following

  1. Push To Talk (1-1): Make private calls that no one can hear

  2. Push To Talk (Group): Talk to a group for 500 users

  3. Texting: Send text in

  4. Priority Calls: Override conversation to send urgent messages

  5. SOS: Gets everyone into the emergency channel quickly

  6. Paging: Urgent and constant alert to get someone's attention

  7. Send Pictures: Send HD pictures in VoicePing

  8. Live Location Tracking: See where everyone is now on a map

  9. View Historical Location: See where one person has been

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are also some simple keyboard shortcuts that allow you to take advantage of the keyboard and do your work faster.

  1. Hold ~ to PTT
  2. Press CTRL + ~ to enter the contacts search

  3. When typing a text, press Enter to send the text

  4. When typing a text, press Shift + Enter to go to the next line.

Instructions to Use

1. Open The S in HTTPS is IMPORTANT. Please allow the permission for Microphone when prompted.

2. Enter your username and password to login. If you are re-using an account which is currently logged in to a Android or iOS app, the app will be logged out.

3. Once you are logged in, you can Find contacts to PTT to. Tap on the Search icon or press “CTRL” & “~”.

4. Select Contacts. This can be a Group Channel. If you are looking for Private, please tap on the User Tab.

5. Tap on whom you want to talk to

6. You are now presented with the PTT Interface. You can PTT by Pressing the record button or Press CTRL + ~

Differences in Web vs Android or iOS App

If you currently use our Android or iOS app, there are some differences in the web version which you will have to take note of

  1. Need to manually change channel: On the web, the active channel will not be switched automatically. If someone is talking to you on other another channel, you will hear a tone to indicate this. The tone means that someone is talking to you but his voice is not being played. You will also see the unread badge increased in your channel selector.
  2. No history of Contacts and Messages: Currently the previous list of messages and channels is not being store. If you refresh or re-login, you will need to add them again. We will be improving this in our next version.

  3. Type "*": The Paging button can be done by typing the * key

  4. Type "SOS" to send SOS In a group: The SOS button can be done by typing the SOS one a single line.

More improvements ahead

We are hard at work to make the Web PTT better. Stay tune for further updates by signing up for our mailing list below.

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