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VoicePing Desktop Web PTT

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Access to Push-To-Talk to any VoicePing Account.

VoicePing has developed a Web Based version that does not require any software installation or IT permission because it runs completely in a browser. You can access it via and login via your Enterprise Account.

Connect your Office to Field Workers

Get everyone communicating on the same platform. Desktop PTT links your office workers to your field workers. In addition, allow your office workers to also type, copy and paste information to Field workers.

Industry Use Case - Hospitality, Security, Logistics & Medical

  1. Hospitality - Guest Relations Officers or Call Center can group call to the entire housekeeping team to get a urgent job done.

  2. Security - When emergencies happen, Command Centers can quickly create a new channel. Members are auto-joined to the new channel by sending an SOS command.

  3. Logistics - Fleet Controllers can see where your fleet is minute by minute and assign jobs based on location.

  4. Medical -Nurses can send out a page to a doctor. A page will constantly ring the phone until the doctor responds.

Web Based VoicePing App Capabilities

Communication Functions

  1. Send and Receive PTT in real time (Group or 1-1)

  2. Send and Receive Text (Group or 1-1)

  3. Send and Receive Images (Group or 1-1)

  4. Send and Receive Paging with constant alert until reply

  5. Send and Receive SOS to groups

  6. See/Replay historical messages of Channel (Group or 1-1)

Channel Management

  1. Send SOS to Group - Also forces all users to join group immediately and prevents PTT for 10 seconds (Except for sender of SOS)

  2. Send Page to Individual user - Also acts as Priority Call which forces user to listen to you even if they were previously talking other group or user.

  3. Multi Channel Scanning: Hear only active channel. Other messages incoming will be stored as unplayed

  4. Lock to Group - Disables multi channel scanning for a period of time.

  5. Create New Group Channel

  6. Add/Remove users to Group Channel

  7. Join/Leave yourself to Group Channel

Location Tracking

  1. See Live location on a Map

  2. See Historical Loction

  3. Auto Refresh to get new location (5 min, 3 min, 1 min)

User Management

  1. See company users in directory

  2. See your group channels

  3. See members of a group channel and select them for PTT

  4. See location of company users (Admin function only)

  5. See historical location of a users (Admin function only)

  6. Create new groups and add/remove members in the group (Admin function only)

Features in Admin Dashboard

  1. Download Group Conversation: Download as Audio, text and picture files the entire group conversation as company admin.

  2. Download Private Conversation: Download as Audio, text and picture files the entire private conversation between any pair of users.

  3. API: Send automated Text via API. Send Interactive Text with question and answers.

  4. API: Send text broadcast or 1-1 via machine

  5. API: Change groups or group members

If you would like to request for a trial account, please fill the in form here.

Instructions to Use

Guide for login and usage of VoicePing on Desktop: Web PTT User Guide

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