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VoicePing Latest Version Supports SOS

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

VoicePing continues to bring you updates in Instant Field Communication and enables you to work more productively.

2.8.0 enables new integrations and uses with Interactive texting. We then provide Professional users with an SOS function for emergencies. In addition, we enhanced support made for PTT handsets like the F25, F22 and H240s which has numeric keypads to make user selection far faster than using a touch screen phone.

Workflow integration with IT Systems via Interactive Messaging

You can send messages to VoicePing users via an integration with your IT system. The message is interactive since the users can provide an answer to the message.

For example, a logistic company can implement a first come first served system of job bidding. A group message can be sent out to see if anyone is available for a certain job. This can be done automatically when a job is created in the Job System.

Drivers can see the options of 5 min, 10 min to state their arrival time if they accept.

In a hotel, this interactive text is very handy for the morning device checking routine. A text asking whether the device is ready can be blasted to all personnel on duty, on which each of them can give their status by replying Yes. It is very fast and practical, which is a good way to start a working shift in a busy and demanding environment like a hotel.

By using interactive text, you can quickly build simple apps that work in VoicePing rather than building full apps for simple Questions and Answer workflow.

To check out other APIs that allow you to give audio notification alert to your mobile workers, provide their location information, as well as enable you to create communication group dynamically based on schedule, you can read this article.

SOS for Emergencies

With SOS function, you can interrupt all active conversations within a group at a given time. Even if someone is actively talking, their activity will be interrupted when you press the SOS button. This feature is very useful when you need the attention of the whole group for a top priority matter.

For example, when there is a fire in the kitchen, all departments must be informed immediately so they can anticipate. Or, it could be when one of the drivers have information about an accident that causes a heavy traffic jam on a certain route. If the information is passed properly, the other drivers can take precaution action by rerouting so they can still finish their tasks on schedule.

Quick Search for Whom You Want to PTT

The 2.8.0 version comes with a Search bar on top of the home screen (Favorite screen). It makes searching contacts easier, thus improving the overall user experience.

Furthermore, if you decide to add numeric user ID in front of the names, you can easily just search by using digits on numeric keypad devices. It adds practicality, especially when you’re always on the move while communicating.

The numeric user ID itself can be added on the display name by the admin via the dashboard backend.

General UI Improvements

We have made it easier to do paging and identify whom you are talking to and who is talking to you.

Look Who’s Talking: When the group has many members and is very active, sometimes it’s difficult to know who is talking in the group at a given time. With this feature, the display name of the member who’s talking can be seen by all group members. So, no more confusion and misunderstanding with the other team members in the group.

On-Screen Paging Button: VoicePing’s paging feature is very handy for urgent matters that require a quick response from certain contacts. With the on-screen paging button located on top right of the individual chat screen, you can cut more time and get your contact’s attention even faster.

PTT Target on Recent Screen: Recent screen is the first screen you see when you open VoicePing. It shows recent contacts or groups that you’re communicating with recently. With the latest 2.8.0 version, you will see a bigger size contact or group name on top of this screen, which shows that it’s the contact or group you’re currently talking to.

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