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VoicePing Enterprise Communication API

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Boost Your ERP App by Integrating Communication

Integrate VoicePing into Your ERP App

VoicePing is built for companies whose workers are distributed in the field. Our push to talk feature is the most convenient way for field workers to communicate. Workers communicate one to one or in a work group. Additional features like Texting and Photos makes VoicePing the all-in-one communication app for field workers.

In addition to using VoicePing, many companies are adopting and deploying Enterprise Apps that allow field workers and office colleagues to collaborate on a workflow based solution like Transport Management Solution, Job Tracking and Enterprise Resource Planning applications.

VoicePing API's allow Enterprise IT managers and ERP solution providers to include a communication solution as an integral part of their Enterprise Apps. This allows for additional use cases to increase productivity.

The combination of tightly integrated Workflow Apps and Communication App allows companies to reap the full benefits of Enterprise Mobility. Quicker decision making via more accessible information, higher productivity via automation of information flow and increased agility of work groups are some benefits shown below.

We have assembled some use cases of how VoicePing APIs enables businesses to build better Enterprise Apps.

Audio Notifications to Alert Workers

Company A is in the logistics industry with most of its workforce as transport drivers. Currently Jobs are dispatch via Walkie Talkie. However repeating addresses and numbers over a talkie is not the most efficient method of communication. Company A is planing to implement a TMS (Transport Management Solution). Before the TMS is integrated wit VoicePing, when jobs are assigned via the Transport Management System, drivers used to get a text notification.

With the new VoicePing API, drivers can now receive Job Assignments as messages in VoicePing App. When a messages arrives, the driver hears the delivery address. Details of the assignment are also read out to them as a Audio Notification.

Audio notifications improve safety as Drivers can keep their eyes on the road and yet hear timely information. If there is a need to reference back, the driver can read the text or tap to hear the text again. Company A also saves on the cost of SMS that was previously used to send notifications.

To go a step further, the TMS could use VoicePing's Paging feature. Paging ensures that important App notifications grab the attention of the workers. When a page is sent to the user, the user hears a tone every 15 seconds until they clear the page by entering VoicePing. This ensures the worker sees the notification sent to them.

Using VoicePing Text API, ERP apps can send text & audio notifications.

Business Benefits

Quicker responses to Jobs

Location Information

Company L has most of its workers in the field. Workers have a patrolling route where inspections are made along the way. A system is used to track the distance covered by each worker for fuel re-imbursement. Waypoints are also used to determine if a route has been checked.

With Location data collected via VoicePing API, company L could retire it’s pre-smartphone system of waypoints. The integration allowed their new ERP app to automate fuel reimbursement and automatically mark routes as patrolled.

Using VoicePing Location API, ERP apps can get current and historic location of workers

Business Benefit

Cost savings, automation with new ERP

Dynamic Grouping

Company D has a sophisticated Manpower Scheduling App. Each job typically takes 30 minutes and there is always last minute rescheduling of manpower and jobs due to the nature of their business. Each job is done by a team of 5 workers.

VoicePing API allows Company D's Manpower app to create a VoicePing group based on the manpower for the day and the specific job. The created VoicePing group allows everyone on the job to communicate without the need for setup.

Because grouping is made automated, workers can stop using the company wide broadcast and talk in the Job Group. This reduces unwanted information for those who are not in the job. Communication also flows smoother as there are less people competing for the same air space since each Job has it's own group.

Using the Manpower App, the Manpower coordinator's has more flexibility in manpower scheduling as there is not need to be confined to a fixed group of 5 through the day. Just by update the Manpower App, the Coordinator can be assured that everyone in the group has the required communication tool.

All recordings or communication (text, pictures & audio) are automatically stored for future reference and tied to a job for easy search.

Using VoicePing Group API, ERP apps can setup new groups, add or remove members according to task requirements.

Business Benefit

More flexible scheduling. Less time spent on setup.

Contact us to discuss your use case and developer access.

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