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VoicePing vs Zello

a comparison of leading smartphone PTT apps that can replace iDEN PTT Walkie Talkies

For mobile Singapore workers, Push-to-Talk apps are essential for quick and reliable communication to keep track of current events, key decisions, and critical information in the work organization.

Smartphone based app VoicePing gives users the function of PTT and more, with a secured environment and simpler deployment. To prove its edge, VoicePing was recently tested with other competitors in the PTT app market. Illustrated below is the comparison table between it and Zello, another popular push-to-talk application, to demonstrate the differences in speed, versatility, reliability, ease, and cost. The results for VoicePing were outstanding to say the least.

A benchmark speed also shows VoicePing is 50% faster than competitors in the Asian Region. They deploy servers closest to users making sure latency is reduced for real conversations. The client is designed differently so that even in a spotty reception area, you can just record messages first then let the app send it out later when connection is available. This is a key UX improvement over competitors and one that users will appreciate.

VoicePing is loaded with additional features currently unavailable on Zello, including focus mode, offline recording, quick replay and global view (talking to different contacts in one location).

Plus, VoicePing has local training and support that IT managers will appreciate. With its unlimited usage per user at one price, there is not only best value but also a predicatability to cost.

Smartphone based PTT apps are here to stay, making communication better and more efficient. VoicePing makes sure you get the most of out of it.

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