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Zello Free vs Zello@Work

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

What is the difference between free Zello and ZelloWork and why would I pay a subscription for it?

The Differences between Zello Free and Zello@Work

Zello is one of the most popular Walkie talkie apps in the world. 60 million users use their free version monthly. It also offers a paid version called Zello@Work. There is a question that many users of the free Zello ask, which is "why they would need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to upgrade to Zello@Work".

Quoted from its website, here’s how Zello explains about it.

What is the difference between free Zello and ZelloWork?
Zello is a free app used by millions worldwide as reliable and secure way to connect with friends, family, and community to socialize as well as to organize in times of urgency.
The Zello@Work app requires a subscription but offers exclusive features to optimize team communication including a secure private network, end-to-end encryption, and management features to control group channels and settings.

Still, according to Zello’s own webpage, they list 12 features that are in the Paid version vs the free version. In this article, we analyse these 12 features and rate their importance to most users.

Interested in upgrading from Zello toZello@Work? Check out VoicePing Enterprise to see how we compare to Zello@Work.

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