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Walkie Talkie On Desktop Computer

Link your Office to your Field Workers

VoicePing Desktop Version for a Seamless Communication Between In-Office Staffs and Field Workers

Walkie Talkie Communication is very important in certain industries. Companies prefer the quick instant communication and the ability to reach a group quickly.

When we hear “Walkie Talkie”, the first thing that come in our mind is a device that has an ability to talk just by pressing a button. Walkie Talkies used to be standalone devices. Now you can get the walkie talkie functionality in a smartphone.

However, if I was a coordinator or supervisor whom worked in front of a computer, having access to the Walkie Talkie app via my computer would allow me to use just my desktop to instantly talk to my co-workers. I can also type quickly with the full size keyboard provided. Typing addresses and order numbers would be more accurate with typing. I can also copy and paste information from my email or Enterprise Application.

VoicePing provides a Desktop version to enable office workers to seamlessly communicate with their co-workers in the field.

Installation is very easy. There is None! You just open your browser and open our web application.

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