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VoicePing via Chrome Browser on Desktop

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Walkie Talkie App VoicePing releases Chrome App to enable Desktop usage on Chromebook and Windows PC

VoicePing Chrome App for a Better Walkie Talkie Experience on Your Computer

VoicePing has recently developed a Google Chrome extension for a better desktop experience. With a Chrome App, you do not need to ask your IT administrator to install a new Windows program. As long as you have a supported Chrome browser, you can run VoicePing on your desktop.

This means you can Push to Talk, Copy and Paste Text and receive pictures from your desktop.

For Chromebooks

1. Open Chrome Browser

2. Go to Chrome Web Store.

3. Search for VoicePing or enter this URL:

4. Click on the Add App button

5. The installation will take a while as the download is about 200mb.

6. After installation, you can launch the VoicePing chrome app from your Apps

For Windows PC

Please refer to our Web Based Push To Talk App here:


If you encounter an issue, you can live chat us form or refer to his helpdesk article:

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