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VoicePing's Latest Updates Makes Group Instant Communication Easy.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

New Features for a Less-Distraction Walkie Talkie App Communication

VoicePing continues to bring you updates in Instant Field Communication and enables you to work more productively.

Disable Interruption in Group Conversation: In a Group conversation, when someone is still talking, the other members of the group are unable to send voice messages. Their PTT buttons are disabled while another person is talking.

This feature gives a convenient and seamless group communication experience as it ensures only one person is allowed to talk at a given time.

Ear Speaker Mode Made Harder to Enter: To switch from changing regular speaker volume to ear speaker mode, you need to long-press the speaker icon on the bottom left of the app home screen. It’s more convenient as you won’t easily change the speaker mode by accident.

No more accidentally switching to ear speaker mode while you’re on VoicePing and missing your PTT calls.

Easy Start to VoicePing: You can easily start using VoicePing using our trial channel. No need to sign up or login using user names. When you are ready, you can create your own company and let other people scan your QR Code so they can join your company.

One Active Conversation at a Time: In version 2.7.9 of VoicePing, we have enabled Active Conversations. In the previous versions, whenever there’s a new message coming, you will be switched to that channel, regardless of the fact that you’re still in the middle of a conversation. Some users were confused as they might to a different person/channel without even noticing it.

The latest 2.7.9 version has disabled this function, so you can focus on the active channel first, and move on to the others only when you’re done. The other channels will save the incoming messages as unheard messages and you can replay them later.

For users with many active channels, this feature can save them from hassles and confusion while having multiple conversations at the same time.

Timestamp of Messages: All messages are now shown with the date and time when they were sent/received. So, whenever you miss a message, you can easily scroll the chat room to find and replay it.

It helps when you have a very active channel, as the message turnover is very fast, and you’ll get plenty of messages only in short period of time.

Slight Vibration The Beginning of PTT: When you tap the PTT button to start recording your voice message, you’ll get a vibration in addition to the sound notification.

It is very useful for users with noisy working environments. They can know when to start talking after pressing the PTT button, although they can’t hear the sound notification.

More Privacy with Muted Text: You can choose which of your text that you do not want to be read out by adding “#” at the end of it. It’s very useful when you want to send confidential messages to your contacts.

Message Status Visual Improvement: To improve the readability of the message status, we have changed its color to black. It increases the visibility of the status signs, thus helps users to know their message status and adjust their plan accordingly.

This improvement helps users to view their message status in a glance, even in ​low-light environment. Communication becomes easier and faster at the same time.

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