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How to Use Fast Talkie with VoicePing

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Communicate Directly from Home Screen with Fast Talkie

Using Fast Talkie with VoicePing

Over the last year, we have been working on enhancing communication functionalities on the VoicePing App faster & easier push to talk communication.

We have released our Fast Talkie App so it would improve your PTT communication experience.

What is Fast Talkie

Fast Talkie gives you the best walkie talkie app experience by allowing users to use push to talk function with a locked device screen. It works on PTT message apps for android.

Why Fast Talkie

Effortless Communication

Effortless Communication with co-workers increases efficiency in communication due to faster response time. With Fast Talkie, staff can communicate with each other more effectively.

Save Time

Quick communication not only improves the speed of communication but it also saves time.With best walkie talkie, push-to-talk functions can be performed in few seconds.


Communication on-the-go is important while multi-tasking. With Fast Talkie, staff can concentrate on the work at hand and still communication seamlessly.

How it Works

Activate Fast Talkie

From sleep mode, Press the Power Button on the device to Activate Fast Talkie.

PTT Button

Press the Volume Down Button to Send a PTT Message.

Change Channels

Press the Volume up button to toggle between channels.

Fast Talkie Video

Setup Fast Talkie for VoicePing


Fast Talkie App Setup

Once you Download & Install Fast Talkie, Open the App to complete the setup process mentioned below

  • Enable Draw Over Other Apps

  • Activate Device Admin

  • FT Service - (Enable)

  • Select VoicePing App

  • Lock Screen Now > Try Fast Talkie

VoicePing App Settings

Boost Recorder - Increase Boost Value

Headset Setting

SW3 PTT Headset (3-Button )

SW3 PTT Headset allows you to change channels & send PTT messages from the lock screen.

Eg - Press Volume Up - Change Channels & Hold Volume Down - PTT Message

Wired/Bluetooth Headset (1 Button)

1 Button Headsets allows users to send PTT Messages via Toggle Mode.

Eg - Press Media button to Start Message. Press Again to End Message.

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