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Compete List of VoicePing Features (Push To Talk and Beyond)

VoicePing Walkie Talkie Features

Push To Talk

Push To Talk (1-1): Make private calls that no one else can hear.

Push To Talk (Group): Talk to a group of up to 500 users.

Group Channels

Multi Channel Scanning: Active Channel is switched automatically when someone is talking.

Mute Groups: Silent Groups that you do not need to hear right now.

Leave Groups: Leave Groups to save on Battery.

Dynamic Groups: Add, remove or create new groups from Android or Web App.

Unified Field Communication

Texting: Send text in VoicePing Mobile or VoicePing Web Texting or Desktop.

Text to Speech: Have text read out to you when you receive them. Supports Multiple Languages.

API: Send automated Text via API. Send Interactive Text with question and answers. Get location. Manage Groups and group members.

Send Pictures: Send HD pictures in VoicePing.

Send Videos: Send 720p Videos (Auto Compressed) in VoicePing.

Auto Forward Pictures to Email: Pictures can be auto forwarded to email for archival or re-sending.

Voice/Video Calls: Make Private Voice/Video Calls using VoIP.


Wired Headset Support: Hear and PTT via Wired Headset with PTT Toggle Mode Button.

Bluetooth Headset Support: Hear Incoming PTT. Best Paired with Bluetooth PTT Button.

Bluetooth PTT Button Support: Activates PTT without needing to touch phone


Priority Calls: Override conversation to send urgent messages.

SOS: Gets everyone into the emergency channel quickly.

Paging: Urgent and constant alert to get someone's attention.

Default SOS: Quickly press PTT button five times to send a SOS to a pre-defined channel.


Download Group Conversation: Download as audio, text and picture files of the entire group conversation as company admin.

Download Private Conversation: Download as audio, text and picture files of the entire private conversation between any pair of users.


Live Location Tracking: See where everyone is now on a map

View Historical Location: See where one person has been

Download Location Data: Download the location data via Excel or API

View Location in App: Admins can view location of users in the Android or Web App

Multi Platform Support

Android Supported: Android 5 to Android 11 supported. With or Without Google Services.

iPhone Supported: iPhone version available. Runs in Background to allow for Real Time receiving of PTT.

Desktop Version: Web Based version to connect office and field workers.

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