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CAT S31 Review: Rugged, Well-Designed, Budget and PTT Communication-Friendly

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

If You're Thinking about Getting More Than Just Typical Smartphones' Features

Caterpillar Phone S31 - Features and Usages

CAT Phones is a smartphone brand built jointly by Bullit Group and Caterpillar Mobile. The brand is known for its rugged smartphones that can endure extreme environments, thus making them suitable for industrial uses.

Cat Phones S31 was introduced in August 2017 in Berlin by Caterpillar. With a 4.7 inch and 720p resolution, it may not be the smartphone with the sharpest display in the market, but there is more to the S31 than meets the eye. Being able to survive 1.8-meter falls onto concrete without damage, definitely proves its durability, which is one of the reasons people are queuing for it.

Here is the complete specification of Cat Phones S31 for a better idea of its capability:

  • Qualcomm Quad-Core 1.3GHz Snapdragon

  • Physical Keys (Back, Home, Recent Apps and Push to Talk buttons)

  • Android™ Nougat

  • 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, expandable (microSD™)

  • 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera

  • 4,000 mAH battery

  • 4.7” 720p HD display optimized for outdoor use

  • IP68 certified (water/dust proof)

  • Drop proof (up to 1.8 meters high)

  • Waterproof (up to 1.2 meters deep)

  • Scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3

  • Extreme temperature endurance (-20 C to 55 C)

  • Dual SIM

With such specification, Cat Phones S31 doesn’t aim for personal consumers as its main target. On-field workers, on the other hand, are more likely to be benefited from its features. Construction workers who work outdoors and sometimes on a certain elevation from the ground will definitely get the advantage from the drop proof, dustproof, and scratch resistant screen features.

It is also possible to swipe Cat S31’s screen while wearing gloves or with wet hands, which makes it more convenient for outdoor use on rainy or snowy days. Offshore oil drilling workers also don’t need to worry although they’re working on wet sites since S31 is waterproof. It can even work well 1.2 meters underwater for 35 minutes.

Industries with on-field workers working in harsh environments can get the most benefit from Cat S31, such as:


Working outdoors in broad daylight can be challenging especially if using communication devices is required. Some communication devices don’t have bright enough screen that it’s difficult to see the screen clearly. It won’t happen with Cat S31 since its 4.7” 720p HD’s screen is super bright for comfortable use under the sun.

Offshore oil drilling

Not all communication devices are suitable for use in damp even possibly wet work environment like in an offshore oil drilling. There’s a huge chance of the device not only to get water-sprinkled but even submerged in a puddle. So, you should be worried if your workers are using devices that are not waterproof or only water-resistant. Fortunately, Cat Phones S31 is waterproof up to 1.2 meters deep, which means it can be used underwater for as long as 35 minutes.


In mining work environment, device endurance is an ultimate requirement. You can’t afford of having devices broken due to lack of durability as there are plenty of opportunities for devices to fall to a hard ground. With Cat Phones S31, you can be sure that you won’t get a device crashed into pieces after slipping out from your workers' hands. Cat S31 is proven to withstand falling onto concrete from 1.8 meters high.

Transportation and Logistics

Workers in the transportation and logistics company spend most of their working hours on the street heading somewhere. Hence, it can be quite troublesome if they are required to maintain communication with the in-office staffs the whole time. Cat Phones S31 has a dedicated push to talk button for faster, easier and safer communication while on the go.


Noisy surrounding is the situation faced by workers in the manufacturing industry. When it’s required to communicate, it can be difficult if the device doesn’t support an adequate loudspeaker. Cat Phones S31’s speaker is located on the front side, which makes the voice easier to hear for better communication in noisy environments.

In addition, the presence of physical buttons, in this case Back, Home, Recent Apps, and Push to Talk buttons is a huge advantage for outdoor use. Compared to on-screen buttons, they are easier and faster to access since users can use them without having to unlock or turn on the screen first. They are also bigger in size, which is crucial when you are using gloves.

Cat Phones S31’s 4,000mAH battery performance is also very impressive. Not only it allows workers to use it without charging it for quite a long time, it also allows users to use the device to charge another phone. For on-field workers with minimum access to power point, this feature can be very beneficial.

What is more special about Cat Phones S31 is its Programmable Key located on the right side of the phone below the power button. This key can be assigned to perform various essential and useful functions, such as Push-to-Talk function.

Using VoicePing on Cat Phones S31

With ​walkie talkie app, such as VoicePing, this Programmable Key is a great enabler to use Cat Phones S31 for a fast-instant communication. Especially when the key is assigned as a push to talk button, as users will be able to communicate on a locked screen using this key.

Cat Phones S31’s speaker is located on the front side, which is another advantage as users can hear the voice better while communicating. This feature may seem like insignificant, but the truth it is very crucial for effective communication in a noisy environment.

Aside from real-time communication, VoicePing allows users to send images as well. This is very handy for reporting since some things are better shown through pictures than explained with words. With Cat Phones S31’s 8 Mp camera, the images sent are undeniable of high-quality, thus sending detailed image report should be of no issue.

Using VoicePing for instant communication between co-workers can never be easier with Cat Phones S31.

All these features come with 2 years warranty for a peace of mind while using it in extreme working environments.

Apart from the device itself, Cat provides accessories to ensure a more convenient use of the field. It ranges from car mount and universal car charger for a safer use and easy charge while on the road, IP65 certified rugged power bank for a longer use when outdoor, rugged with high-quality sound earphones for a seamless communication in any surroundings, up to genuine leather phone holster to attach on your belt for easy access to the device.

While you're reading through Cat S31 specs in more detail, you can download VoicePing here.

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