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Walkie Talkie App/Long Range Walkie Talkies: Business

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Guide to Buying the Best Business Walkie Talkies

There are several frequencies that are being offered by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for people to use. With the multiple frequencies, there are specific frequencies that have been assigned for business purposes only. These frequencies aren’t available to the general public. Business radios are able to utilize these frequencies and offer reliable and crisp communications to businesses and professionals.

The business walkie talkies aren’t built like the other long range walkie talkies you can easily find on the market for consumers. These were built to match the uses for businesses and professionals. This means that there are many available features that are specifically made to help companies operate much more efficiently. These walkie talkies keep your entire team in the loop and allow them to coordinate with each other more efficiently for work continuity.

A new player in the market has also been on the rise. They are Walkie Talkie Apps that turn your smartphone into a nationwide walkie talkie.

Benefits of a Business Walkie Talkie

There are plenty of benefits when you decide to invest in a business walkie talkie. It provides a reliable form of communication for your employees in the company. As they are on radio frequencies, your workers will be able to communicate through long range walkie talkies with each other despite working in remote locations that do not have a reliable connectivity to cellular reception. This means that you could bring it to the woods, beach, or even in places with lots of obstruction. Another thing to note down is the presence of a new player, the Walkie Talkie app. We will discuss more on that as we go on.

Business walkie talkies give everyone of your employees the awareness they need to stay on tasks and responsibilities. They also serve as a safety tool in terms of emergencies. A good example of this would be the weather alert feature and the built in flashlight that some business long range walkie have.

Difference in Needs of Consumer vs Business Walkie talkies

The best walkie talkies will help you communicate with other people depending on your needs. For consumers, what they normally need out of a walkie is just basic communication for leisure and outdoor activities. This may include family outings, hunting, road trips, fishing trips, camping trips, and many more. With consumer needs being much simpler, the radios that work for them also come at a much cheaper price.

As for businesses, they would normally need long range walkie talkies, private lines, more durable materials, emergency features, business functions, and a lot more. With the different needs between both the consumers and businesses, different types of walkie talkies were made for each. As such, both can benefit from downloading a Walkie Talkie App.

Types of business or industries that need business Walkie talkies

With the numerous benefits a business walkie talkie can offer, it is not a surprise that you can find numerous businesses from different types of industries using them. From logistics, hospitality, medical, construction, security, retail, and many more industries. You’d find that these business walkie talkies offer different advantages specifically depending on which you choose and what features would complement the work style of that industry. Some businesses need long range walkie talkies and some need private lines.

Can businesses use consumer Walkies Talkies?

Despite the numerous benefits a business walkie talkie is able to provide for different industries, some still question and think whether or not they could save on cost and use a long range walkie talkie for consumers instead. Technically speaking, it is possible for a business of any type to use a consumer walkie talkie. There are no rules holding them against it. But as discussed above, using consumer walkie talkies would not give you the advantages and benefits you may have with the business walkie talkie.

It will most probably have a limited range due to the device having a smaller power, quality of communication might not be as crisp as the dedicated frequency a business walkie is given, communications with the team is going to be public meaning anyone else within the area will be able to intercept and transmit messages to employees, the product durability might be a lot less rugged than that of a business walkie talkie, and it may not have the specific features that would help out with the efficiency of employees. There may be some long range walkie talkies for consumers but they don’t compare to the range of a business radio.

Types of Frequencies

Walkie-talkies either operate on Very High Frequency (VHF) or Ultra High Frequency (UHF).


VHF walkie-talkies use frequencies between 136 and 174 MHz. They only need a minimum amount of power and can cover a large area. This is best used in open areas as it doesn’t penetrate obstacles so well. Normally you'd find VHF in use for long range walkie talkies.


UHF walkie-talkies use frequencies between 400 and 512 MHz. These walkie talkies are much more powerful and can get signals through obstructions such as forests and buildings.

Types of Business Walkie Talkies


The Multi-use Radio Service (MURS) is quite similar to the FRS except for the fact that it operates on the VHF instead of UHF and that it has much greater range when used outdoors. The MURS radio is more popularly used by small businesses as it has the private communication feature. MURS operates on VHF which means it will get more range in open areas. A good thing about it is that it also doesn't require any license so it's free to use. This can also be the go to for use of walkie talkies long range depending on the situation and environment.

MURS Characteristic

Frequency Wattage: 2 Watts

License application required: Not Required

Shared or Private Channels: Private

Range under Ideal Conditions: 2-8 Miles

Frequency: VHF

If you're looking for a good MURS radio, you may check out the Retevis RT27V MURS Radio


The PLMRS (Private Land Mobile Radio Service) is more commonly referred to as the Business Radio Service and is currently being used by multiple businesses, both big and small. They are essentially made with stronger materials than that of the consumer radios and have extended range, audio quality, and durability. These radios are normally available in both analog or digital modes. PLMRS radios are available on both VHF and UHF frequencies which gives businesses options to choose from depending on where and how it will be used. The walkie talkies normally range between 1-5 watts of power and the mobile units and base stations offer a lot more wattage. These radios are already capable of using repeaters for longer ranges. PLMRS is the go to long range walkie talkies for businesses that need to cover numerous miles of communication.

A license is needed to use the frequencies that are specific

ally designed for business use. The license offers privacy and crisper communications for a price and companies and organizations don’t mind paying for quality.

MURS Characteristic

Frequency Wattage: 5 Watts and above

License application required: Required

Shared or Private Channels: Private

Range under Ideal Conditions: 2-50 Miles

Frequency: VHF or UHF

If you're looking for a good PLMRS radio, you could check out MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS On-Site RDU4100 10-Channel UHF


Other than UHF or VHF based traditional walkie talkies, Nationwide walkie talkies have been on the rise and have been proving themselves as a viable option for long range walkie talkie requirements. As opposed to the traditional business walkie talkies, nationwide walkie talkies operate using 4G or WiFi connection expanding the range to an entire nation or country. With a good outdoor service coverage provided by mobile networks (2G/3G/4G/WiFi), businesses will always be able to reach any employee wherever they are. Whether it be indoors inside a building or outdoors in a construction site, as long as there’s mobile coverage or WiFi, you’ll never have to worry about getting a hold of your employees again.

Many businesses from different industries have already started using nationwide walkie talkies to further improve their business. Companies from construction backgrounds, events management, government agencies, logistics companies, security agencies, healthcare organizations, schools, and the hospitality industry.

They have found that upgrading to a nationwide system proved to add more value to their work efficiency.

Walkie Talkie Apps have also been in the rise with nationwide walkie talkies. These apps allow your smartphone to become a nationwide walkie talkie beating the range of traditional long range walkie talkies.

Nationwide Characteristics

License application required: Not required

Shared or Private Channels: Private

Range under Ideal Conditions: Nationwide

Frequency: Operates on (2G/3G/4G/WiFi)

If you're looking for a good Nationwide Walkie Talkie, you may check out VoicePing Teams: Best Long Range Walkie Talkie.

Factors to Consider


When deciding which device to choose, it is important to note how big you’d want it to be. Whether you’d be holding the walkie talkie regularly in your hand or whether you need it clipped to your belt most of the day, having an ideal size in mind would help you with comfortability in the long run. Having a walkie talkie too big can cause employees to find it a hassle to bring around and use on a daily basis.


Always note that there are some distortions when you switch channels on your walkie talkie. When choosing one, it should be able to switch between other channels smoothly.

Design and Durability

It is important to choose rugged and strong walkie talkies if you plan on taking it with you to tough terrains. Damage and water resistant walkie talkies would be the ones you’d look for.

Battery Life

Having a good battery life on your walkie talkies is a must depending on what you plan on using it for. Being able to keep the communication going for extended periods of time is a great help to maintaining your teamwork

Emergency Features

In times of emergencies, walkie talkies are always present. Some walkie talkies are equipped with emergency features such as weather alerts and flashlights to counter these emergency scenarios.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires a license from users to use the PLMRS (Private Land Mobile Radio System) but do not require one for those who want to use MURS (Multi-use Radio Service)


Q: Can you trace walkie-talkies?

A: If your walkie talkie is licensed, it would be illegal for you to be traced. Although it is possible as the walkie talkies work as a transmitter and a receiver which means once the antenna from a transmitter and receiver communicate through radio waves, these can be traced back to you.

Q: What is the difference between walkie talkies and two-way radios?

A: Walkie talkies are two way radios but there are other types of two way radios too. Walkie talkies are just the handheld and compact version of them. Another popular form of a two way radio would be a mobile radio. It still functions like the walkie talkie but has more power and isn’t as handy as the walkie talkie.

Q: Can someone else eavesdrop on your conversations with a walkie-talkie?

A: It is possible for others to listen in on your conversation on a walkie talkie if you are using a public channel but business radios use private channels on frequencies issued specifically for them.

Q: Why would I use a walkie-talkie if my entire team has phones?

A: The benefits and features that a smartphone can provide differ fro

m that of a simple walkie talkie. The greatest advantage a walkie talkie can provide is the ability to instantly get someone else to listen and communicate with you with the PTT feature. This is especially important depending on your use.

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