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Apps to increase efficiency in your hotel

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

You might even find new revenue sources

Remember the days when mobile phones were just like payphones or the phones you had at home? These primitive machines (that now seem like relics from the ice age) made and received calls and then (when things got really hi-tech) they sent and received messages (making the trusty pager somewhat obsolete).

Today, however, these handheld beauties now serve as extensions of ourselves, work like a second brain and allow us to interact with the world around us. Our smartphones may even know more about us than some of our closest family members and contain more information about ourselves than we have in our own homes.

Many industries, as well as the ways in which businesses operate, have also been impacted by the ‘app economy’. The tourism/hospitality industry is no exception.

From helping hotel staff make guests’ stays pleasant/smooth to coordinating vital processes behind the scenes, whether you are a hotel manager, barista, cleaner or chef, smartphones and apps are here to help make life and work that much easier.

eZee Absolute

With eZee absolute, you can get the entirety of your hotel’s operations brought to the tips of your fingers, including folio settlement, room allocation, housekeeping and much more.

Hotel Management apps can make a huge difference to your operations and with eZee Absolute, you get the opportunity to maximize revenue, facilitate important functions and provide better guest experiences through the use of a comprehensive tool that can cut down the hassle involved in hotel management.

Frontdesk Anywhere

Frontdesk Anywhere is a Property Management System that can help you tackle some of the complexities of hotel management.

Aside from being mobile-friendly, easy to use, affordable and secure, it also comes with a number of impressive functions such as a customizable availability calendar and revenue management, giving other Property management apps out there a run for their money.


Many hospitality businesses rely on staff at various locations upholding simultaneous and effective communication. VoicePing, a free messenger app which turns any smartphone into a walkie-talkie radio, is not just your run-of-the-mill instant messaging app.

Features include unlimited groups/channels, picture messaging, message recordings, screenless communication with headsets and paging for urgent matters.

In addition, VoicePing also has a desktop version, which helps streamline communication between front-office and housekeeping staff.


Handy helps create better experiences for hotels and guests and comes equipped with diverse features. It also lets hotels uncover and tap into previously undiscovered revenue sources. Guests too can reap the benefits of using Handy through smart-room automation and travelers can enjoy a hyper-personalized experience along with mobile connectivity.

Powered by the Internet of Things, lighting, TVs, temperature and more can all be controlled remotely.

In the hotel business, it can be fairly common for defenceless staff to become the victims of angry customers. With handy, these types of situations do not have to be common occurrences anymore. It can help hotel staff seamlessly connect with guests via an instant messaging platform, the Concierge Chat and facilitate better communication between guests and staff.

Guests can reap the benefits of handy as well and take their experiences to the next level with handy’s smart-room automation. Travelers can enjoy a hyper-personalized experience along with mobile connectivity.


Achieving excellence and improving guest experiences are possible as it helps staff interact with each other and also with guests. Connections can be established across departments within hotels and staff can know exactly what they have to do and where they have to be.

Managing staff tasks and communicating with guests can prove to be a huge hassle but with the ALICE Hotel Operations Platform, things can get a lot more manageable.

You can attain the ability to foster meaningful relationships with your patrons and make it easier for you to diagnose and resolve any issues that may come up.


Increased guest loyalty and refined guest service can be achieved through the Knowcross platform.

Knowcross provides businesses in the hospitality industry with technology intelligence and hotel management software. Six software applications are included in the platform and these help hoteliers manage their operations efficiently.

The applications are KNOW Maintenance, KNOW Housekeeping, KNOW Glitch, KNOW Service, KNOW Mobile and KNOW Inspection.

These applications help increase staff productivity. KNOW Service, for example, automates the handling of maintenance jobs, guest complaints and requests while the KNOW Housekeeping application streamlines daily housekeeping activities.


A common complaint that staff and managers in the hospitality industry likely hear is that the service provided is very slow. Service can be the most important part of running a hotel, according to guests.

HotSOS helps automate daily operations for hotels and with HotSOS, your staff are all virtually connected. You can alert them, in real-time, about service delays or guest incidents and manage a department from practically anywhere, as long as you have a device.


Whether they deal with hotel management, staff communication or keeping track of facilities, smartphones and their apps can make a huge difference to hospitality industry operations. As the processes involved get easier to handle, hoteliers can focus more on providing better, more innovative guest experiences and helping travelers enjoy a hassle-free stay.

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