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Walkie Talkie App now on KaiOS

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

3rd largest Mobile App Store with 80 million users gets its first Walkie Talkie App for Real Time Group Voice Messages.

1st Apr 2020 - Smart Walkie Pte Ltd, maker of Walkie Talkie App VoicePing ( today announces the availability of their KaiOS Application. VoicePing is the only Walkie Talkie App in the KaiOS store and is available for free usage for 80 million KaiOS users. Users can talk in any of the public channels and even hear voice messages in real time. VoicePing for KaiOS supports the entire range of KaiOS devices like Nokia 8110 4G to CAT B35.

Operation of VoicePing KaiOS has been simplified to ensure that users of KaiOS phones who mostly are from developing nations and a lower income group will be able to use the App without training. Users simply key in a 4 Digit Channel Code which will join them into any of the 9999 Public Channels

Once in a channel, they can hold the left button to talk. Even if VoicePing is not running as the front app, anyone who previously joined the channel will hear them instantly. Channels can support up to 500 users at a time.

Compared to WhatsApp Voice messages on KaiOS, VoicePing allows Real Time Voice Communication like a phone call but in a group. VoicePing ensures that only a person can speak at a time so that communication is consistent to the entire group. A limit of 15 seconds also prevents someone from hogging the channel.

VoicePing for KaiOS can be downloaded by opening the KaiOS Store and going to the Utilities section. Usage is free and unlimited for the 9999 public channels available.

KaiOS is the world’s 3rd most popular mobile platform and the handsets are specifically targeting emerging mobile users. We believe that voice is the main mode of communication to this group of users and are excited that VoicePing on the KaiOS Store will give them a way to communicate as a Family or Work Team.” We look forward to engaging with Device Manufacturers to bundle a Enterprise Version of VoicePing so Customers whom are looking for a cost effective handset for work communication. - Zhou Wenhan, CEO of Smart Walkie Pte Ltd

About VoicePing

VoicePing is a Field Communication App that enables companies to communicate smarter with field workers. VoicePing Push To Talk is used extensively by hospitality, logistics, Industrial and security companies to get things done quickly. To try VoicePing for free, visit

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