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VoicePing Optimization for The Best Walkie Talkie Experience

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Ensure VoicePing Works with Simple Changes to Android settings

How to Optimize VoicePing on Your Android for The Best Walkie Talkie Experience

VoicePing continues to bring you updates in Instant Field Communication and enables you to work more productively. In VoicePing Version 2.7.8, you will be prompted to setup your device as per our recommended settings.

There are two simple factors to get your VoicePing work perfectly:

  1. Battery Optimization.

  2. Google Play Services Update.

Battery Optimization

Make sure VoicePing is not optimized by the battery or otherwise the VoicePing process will get killed in the background and you will not be able to receive messages.

How to check and make sure the VoicePing is not optimized by the battery?

Please follow all these steps to ensure the Battery Optimization Settings is set to the correct state as per our recommendation:

  • Open the Phone "Settings".

  • Go to "Battery" settings.

  • Inside the "Battery" Settings, tap the 3 (Three) dots icon on the upper right corner of your display and choose "Battery Optimization".

  • Inside the "Batter Optimization" Settings, you will see the apps that are not optimized by default. Tap the "Not Optimized" button and choose "All Apps" to see all the app list.

  • You will see the list of all apps there. Please scroll down and search for "VoicePing" then tap it to see more option.

  • Please choose "Don't Optimize" on the pop-up option.

Google Play Services Update

In order to have VoicePing feature working perfectly, you must install the most updated version of Google Play Services that available for your device.

At this rate, VoicePing has a smart feature to alert you if the Google Play Services is not working properly / outdated. You will see an alert notification with a text "App is not optimized" like the picture.

When you see that alert notification, then you need to update the Google Play Services on your device.

How to update the Google Play Services?

Device Enterprise Version: If your device is using Enterprise version from us, we will help you to push the update of Google Play Services remotely using Mobilock. All you need is only to proceed the update installation on the device.

Device Retail Version: If your device is a retail version, you can go to the Google Play Store and update from there.

WiFi AP/Configuration for best Roaming experience for VoicePing PTT App on Ruckus, Aruba and Cradlepoint

  1. Only use channels 1,6,11 for 2.4Ghz network. You can leave all channels on for 5Ghz (prefer to use 5g when available for VoIP)

  2. Use a separate, segregated VLAN. Make sure the VLAN is tagged for VoIP on the underlying network

  3. Enable 802.11r fast roaming on the SSID

  4. Enable client fingerprinting, Proxy ARP, 802.11d, 802.11k, ODFM Only, WiFi 6 on the SSID

  5. Disable band balancing and client load balancing on the SSID

  6. BSS Min Rate and Mgmt Tx Rate set to 24mbps.

  7. Enable OCE (Optimized Connectivity Experience) on SSID

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