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Technical Specifications to Use VoicePing, The Walkie Talkie App

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The Super Geeky, Enterprise Stuff That Your IT Department Will Ask You About

What Technical Specs Your Devices Must Have to Use VoicePing?

Supported Device/Software

iOS 8, iPhone 4 and above

Android 4.2 (JellyBean and above), Samsung S3 and above. 1GB ram minimum

Battery Life

We have done test using VoicePing and it will not significantly reduce battery life while in standby mode. However when you send voice messages, battery life will be reduced accordingly. Depending on your phone, you should get a full day's use of PTT.

Estimated Data usage a month

~100mb per user

Network Uptime 99.5% Monthly


24 hour Singapore customer hot-line | +65 9046 7340

24 hour One business day email response |

Encryption used

Web Secure Socket

AES 256

Offline Messages

Messages received are stored in your phone memory. We store up to 500 messages or 7 days worth on your phone, whichever is less. Stored messages are stored in the secured container and other apps cannot access them.

Mobile Device Management

VoicePing can work with most MDM solutions. MobileIron, Airwatch, MaaS360 have been tested to be working well with VoicePing


A 4 hour on-site training session can be provided to your users if you have more than 50 users. A training manual can also be downloaded here.

Hardware Recommendation

We recommend getting a Samsung Galaxy Ace or Xiaomi Red1S. These are affordable devices that can be distributed to employees.

For industries that require rugged devices or rugged cases, please consider Samsung Active or Motorola TC55.

Headset/Microphone Accessories

The following headsets have been tested to be working for VoicePing and are affordable add-ons to ensure loudness and screen free operation.

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