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Introducing The VoicePing Recordings Feature

Updated: May 31, 2023

This Feature Will Help You Manage Your Internal Communication Better

Internal Communication at Workplace

The use of communication devices for work purposes has become more common. But, some things still potentially cause issues to the users.​

For example, it can be challenging to keep track of the progress of a project after a particular time. The chat room will already be full of more recent conversations.

Problems and disputes can also arise due to an unexpected network issue. Such things usually cause delayed sending and receiving of messages. And that's one of many device-based communication issues that's conflict-potential.

VoicePing's New Feature

VoicePing's latest feature, the VoicePing Recordings, adds more value to device-based communication.

This feature records all the exchanged messages within a specified time on the server. So whenever you need it, you can download them using your admin account.

Let’s say your hotel will hold a private wedding for a high-profile public figure in 2 months. The client requests that the event is not open to the media and that the venue must be free from unauthorized parties on the big day. The client is also very strict when it comes to giving comments or clarifications to the media.

To deal with such specific requests, you assign this to one of your Communication staffs. Two weeks before the event, you receive a complaint from the client. They mention that a gossip show claimed to get information from your hotel about the event.

When you checked on this issue with your Communication staffs, none of them admits to being in charge for this. No one remembers you assigned them this media matter.

Yes, you can be furious and wreak your anger to your team. But, looking at the upcoming hectic days, that’s not the wisest thing to do at this point.

Instead, you can download the Group's history within the last 90 days with VoicePing Recordings feature. You can then search in the history files to check to whom you assigned this task. It is more convenient than having to scroll the Group chat room way up to the top.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to your admin account.

  • To download channel recordings click on “Channels” tab and search for the particular channel. Then, click on the “Recordings” button, choose the date and enter your email address to get the results sent to you.

  • You will receive it in your email within 5-10 minutes after you submit your request.

You’ll be able to replay all the voice messages, read the text messages and see the exchanged images in the Group within the specified period.

It's way better than pointing your fingers to everyone in your team and cause an unnecessary commotion to the team.

Or perhaps, you notice a conflict has arisen between your workers. It's happened for a while that somehow it has affected the whole team. When you arrange a meeting with them to resolve it, both blame the other party and insist they’re innocent.

Without knowing how the conflict began, it would be difficult for you to resolve it. Asking other persons would be risky as well since the stories will be very subjective.

Here's one thing you can do. You can download the conversation of both disputing parties up to 365 days before, depends on when the conflict occurred the first time.

To do so, on the admin account, go to Users tab > click "View all users" > search for the wanted user, and click on the “Recordings” button. Then, choose the date, the second party, and enter your email address to get the results sent to you.

That’s a good start to find out how the conflict occurred and what caused it in the first place. Of course, it will take some amount of your time to replay the voice messages or read the text messages. But what's a better option than having the conflict prolongs or let certain people go without knowing the real problems.

This feature is also useful for audit & compliance purposes. It also eases your work when you’re filing incident reports. You can see from the history the initial report and the completion report if any.

Furthermore, knowing how the people in your company communicate will help you to see if there are any missing links. You can then find ways to improve the communication process.

You’ll be able to access this feature free of charge for 30 days history. For access to 90 days history, the price is $24 per year for each device and $36 per year for each device for 365 days history.

Click the button below on step-by-step guide on How to access VoicePing Recordings

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