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Change channel members, See where everyone is, Make video calls

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Communication beyond voice to enhance seamless communication

Create, Add or Remove Members from groups

Sometimes you’ll need to assemble teams or groups for certain tasks. This ability to create groups lets you communicate with a specific team separately from everyone else. If you’re going to work on something along with several people, you can group them all together and broadcast to them only. Avoid bothering or confusing people who aren’t involved and keep confidential information to yourselves.

Creating groups is pretty simple and straightforward. First go to contacts, then click on the “+” icon on the top right. You will see the “Create Channel” option come up. Enter the name you want for the group, and then click on “create.” Find the group you just created in the contact list and then click on it. Once you’ve opened it, click on the name of the group which will be on the top part of the screen. After that, click on the white pencil icon to see the contact list of people you can add to the group. Just click on the “+” sign beside their names to add them. To remove people from the group, click on the “-” sign beside their names. You can only remove people who are already in the group.

To remove members, click on the group name and then click on “remove” beside the name of the member you want to remove. To add members, click on the plus sign on the top right and then select the members you want to add to the group.

Take the first step and organize your team now!

See where everyone is

Knowing where your drivers are in real time will help you monitor them and keep things on schedule. View their location history to hold them accountable for the amount of time they spend in each place or use it to plan their deliveries more efficiently.

Click on the map icon on the top right corner, then type the name of the person you want to track. You will be brought to his location on a map. Click on the target icon on the top right corner to zoom out and get a better view of his location. You can also touch the screen to zoom out more.

To check a user’s location and location history, go to Devices, find the user, and then click on View Details. To check where everyone is on a map, go to Location & Geofencing.

Check on your drivers to see if they're on schedule!

Video or Voice Call

It’s way easier to understand someone’s situation if he could just show you what’s happening instead of describing it. Make video calls to your staff on the field through the VoicePing APP to get an actual visual of what’s going on.

To video call or voice call someone, simply go to contacts, click on that person’s name and then choose either audio call or a video call. When you make a video call, your front camera will be activated to show you to the other person. Wait for the person you’re calling to answer, then you’ll see him or her.

Dont just call. Make a video call to see what's going on.

Send or Receive Videos

The ability to send and receive videos makes it easier for everyone to see what’s going on. It also allows you to use the videos for evidence or documentation.

  • Send a video to your admin after you make a delivery to confirm that it has been completed.

  • Receive videos from your clients as proof of an item’s condition.

  • Send videos from the field to the office to help admins make better assessments.

To send a video, click on the contact that you want to send a video to. Click the camera icon and choose Video Camera. To start recording, click on the red circle. To stop recording, click the red square. Wait for it to finish loading and then click on the send. You can also send photos or videos that you previously Took. To play a received video, press the play button in the middle of the video thumbnail.

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