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Bluetooth Button for PTT - Flic

Enabling Easy Push To Talk via Bluetooth button, Bluetooth Headset and VoicePing

Bluetooth Flic Button for Push-To-Talk

Flic is a bluetooth button that allows app developers to use it for an app related action. In VoicePing, we use it as a PTT button for Android phones. The benefits of using Flic compared to other bluetooth buttons is that Flic buttons can be used even if the phone is locked. This makes the use of Push-To-Talk very convenient.

Bluetooth PTT is best paired with a Bluetooth Headset. When using Flic button as a Push-To-Talk button, you get true PTT behavior which is "Press to talk and Release to stop". 

How to Pair

  1. Install the Flic App (
  2. Pair the your Flic button with your Flic App. Ensure that your Flic button shows up in your Flic App
  3.  We also recommending disabling the default Flic sounds (Button Notifications) as VoicePing already provides the Start PTT and Stop PTT sounds.
  4. In VoicePing, open Settings -> Hard Button -> Grab Flic. 
  5. Choose the Flic that you want
  6. You should now be able to use the Flic Button as VoicePing Push To Talk

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