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Smart Walkie Launches iOS Walkie-Talkie App

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

VoicePing, The Smartphone Walkie-Talkie App is Now Available for iPhone & iPad Users.

VoicePing for iOS is Launched

Singapore: Smart Walkie, a Singapore company that specializes in building communication apps and devices for business, announced the launch of the iOS version of VoicePing. As one of the few trusted names in walkie-talkie apps, VoicePing has gained confidence from thousands of its users.

Following the success of its’ Android version, iPhone and iPad users can now send and hear instant voice messages like on a walkie-talkie to their co-workers who use VoicePing on their Android phones.

On the launching of the iOS version of VoicePing, SmartWalkie’s CEO, Zhou Wen Han said, “We launched the iOS app to enable seamless communications throughout the entire company. With iPad being the most popular tablet in the world, we also realize value in uses cases where workers equipped with an iPad and a Bluetooth headset or Remote Speaker Mic can participate in Push To Talk communication.

Hotels and Logistics companies enable more fluid communication with VoicePing’s iOS version. VoicePing allows Group conversation, which saves a lot of time if someone in the company has to manage a group of people or even several teams. With compatible headsets, users can communicate without having to touch the device at all.

About Smart Walkie, Pte. Ltd.: Smart Walkie, Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based company that specializes in building communication devices and apps that support enterprise communication and productivity. In 2015, the company won the SITF (Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation) Awards.

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