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How to install walkie talkie app Voiceping on atom (Smallest Rugged Phone)

Optimal settings for VoicePing Walkie Talkie App on Unihertz Atom

Atom from Unihertz is the smallest rugged phone and it also comes with a programmable PTT button

  1. Install "VoicePing" from Playstore. As you can see, typing is quite difficult so voice communication will be faster.
  2. After Login, Open Settings. Boost Volume ON. Hard Button cleared as the RED PTT Button already works automatically as the PTT button for VoicePing.
  3. PTT by pressing the red button. You can even press this while the screen is off. Very convenient
  4. Use Volume Down button to take photo
  5. Make sure VoicePing is not Optimised under Battery settings.
  6. Speaker is better than expected but still not recommended for professional use.
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