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VoicePing vs Zello Walkie Talkie

A Comparison of Two Leading Walkie Talkie Apps

Which Walkie Talkie App Serves Your Communication Needs Better?

Communication is crucial in working environments. Without proper communication tools, field workers could experience miscommunication with the head office on important matters, such as getting updates on assignments or receiving critical information related to the tasks.

Push-to-talk apps enable a faster way to communicate, which is what these workers need to perform well in their jobs. It gets even better as push-to-talk apps are usually smartphone-based; which means users can communicate as they do on a walkie-talkie while still getting all the functions of a smartphone.

There are several trusted names in smartphone-based walkie-talkie apps. These apps have many features that give a great communication experience for their users. That’s the main reason why people all over the world use these apps.

We recently tested VoicePing with another renowned PTT app, Zello. VoicePing demonstrated its superiority in speed, ease of use, and multimedia communication over Zello.

  • Speed

The test showed that VoicePing has a shorter call setup time compared to Zello. It means, with VoicePing, users can start talking right after they press the PTT button, on which, Zello takes a longer time to do so.

VoicePing is also proved to have a lower latency compared to Zello. It means your messages reach your communication partners’ device faster with VoicePing than Zello. And it applies to all types of network.

Users will get a fast and smooth communication with VoicePing. In the short run, it will give a great communication experience, in the long run, it will improve the productivity level of workers

A benchmark speed also shows ​VoicePing is 50% faster than competitors in the Asian Region. It deploys servers closest to users to make sure that latency is reduced for real conversations. The client side is designed specifically so that even in a spotty reception area, your messages will be recorded first; then the app will send them out later when a connection is available.

In a real-time working situation, speed is one of the things urgently demanded by employers. Getting results faster without sacrificing the quality is the dream of almost all companies in the world. ​VoicePing will help you to achieve that by providing a fast yet reliable way of communicating for the whole company.

  • Text-to-Speech Feature

Have you ever wished you could hear the text messages you received, so you don’t have to read anything while you’re driving or busy with something else? Well, you can do it with VoicePing.

Text-to-speech is one feature that makes ​VoicePing stands out compared to Zello. This feature will have all sent text messages read out to the recipients. It is very convenient particularly for drivers or other mobile workers.

Users can view text messages in a conversation view, which they can read easily. Compared to Zello, where received text and the text editor are not shown on the same screen; it’s more comfortable to communicate via text messaging with VoicePing.

  • Email Auto-Forward

In a working environment, field workers often required to send proof of work in the form of pictures taken from of the site. VoicePing’s email auto-forward feature allows users to send images and have them forwarded manually/automatically to any email addresses. It’s something you can’t-do with Zello.

  • SW3 Headset

Sometimes it’s challenging to find headsets that work well with all features in PTT apps. It can be frustrating since you couldn’t utilize the features that you need the most and were probably the reasons why you use the app in the first place.

VoicePing has SW3, a 3-buttons headset that ensures you get the best experience with VoicePing. It works not only in the chat room but also on the app’s and device’s home screen. On the app’s home screen, you’ll be able to switch between contacts/channels and send messages with the headset’s volume up and down button. You can also use the toggle button for an easier way to send messages. On the device’s home screen, you can send messages and listen to replies, even when it’s locked. All of these can be done without having to configure it first.

It gives you a seamless communication experience without having to look at the screen or even touch the device at all.

Whereas, with Zello, headsets work from the chat room only. They can’t work on the app’s home screen, let alone from the device’s home screen. You also need to do prior buttons configuration for them to be able to function with the app.

Aside from the above list, ​VoicePing also provides various methods of multimedia communication for its users beyond push-to-talk. Smartphone-based PTT apps are here to stay. It makes communication faster, easier, more effective and efficient. VoicePing makes sure you get the most of out of it.

For a comparison of VoicePing to traditional iDEN walkie-talkies, we have done a write-up here too.

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