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Intranet Push To Talk Server

VoicePing On-Premise-Deployed Server allows you to use VoicePing in Local or private networks

OPD allows you to deploy VoicePing even when Internet access is unavailable or unreliable. OPD with local Wi-Fi works well anywhere from an isolated warehouse and a cruise ship to the rooftop of a building and on outskirts of the city.


OPD includes required hardware and software. You just need to plug the device to your local network, and set the IP address on the client (Android/iOS) applications.


Hardware specifications
- Ubuntu OS
⁃ 8GB Ram, 64GB SSD
⁃ Intel Core i5
⁃ Dual Gigabit Lan
⁃ Supports up to 500 VoicePing users
⁃ 1st set promo price at $2500, Subsequent at $7500
- Portable at 1kg (excludes battery)
- Includes the first year of support and software upgrades.

Individual VoicePing device license sold separately.


For high availability, we recommend an extra failover server and UPS (uninterrupted power supply).

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